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Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Multiverse Has 11 Dimensions

Beloved Angel! Thank you for everything! Michio Kaku, must we continue to create duality in quantum physics?. Our universe is infinite and it does not have a number neither do the dimensions existing within our universe.
Clearly,  Einstein's theory of relativity established this fact years ago. If we need to limit our universe in to a number then we would say, that there are 12 dimensions each with 144 frequencies. We can also say, that there are 13 dimensions  and they all exist within 'US' or that there are '0' dimensions and  0 = infinite and thats why we use the word 'quantum' with physics.
However, if Physicists wish to create a reality that continues to contradict itself and confuse the
human mind by limiting dimensions and the universe to a number,  by all means express thyself. However, we believe that at this time human beings can handle the truth.  Beloved Angel, go outside enjoy the sun and nature, open your heart, activate your DNA,  All the answers exist within thee.  You and your friends are now given the mission to  begin deactivating the following : 1. nuclear power plants in the world 2. Weapons of mass destruction 3. Three dimensional programming in all sciences.  Your services are needed in these areas since yesterday. And So It is. Amen