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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Karma And The Game Of Duality - Premlatha Rajkumar by IMZAIA.Com

In my younger days in my country, people spoke a lot about Karma, and that karma was the reason that we are bound to the earth and that we take many life times to settle that which is called 'Karma'.

As I was growing up I started searching for answers for "Karma", for I was so upset by so much of poverty, sadness, and sickness among people.

The Divine orchestrated my life in such a way that many spiritual teachers, healers, books, dreams, and miraculous situations came my way and I was given much understanding about the physical and its connection to the Spiritual. 

Through all my journeys one thing I understood about karma was that 'We are the Creators of Karma' through our severe judgements, judgements of ourselves and others. For example, let us see the situation of a mother who gives her child for adoption because of poverty. If she is happy about it and blesses the child to be well, and is happy about what she did then she has not created any karma. At the same time if this mother is feeling guilty of what she has done and is sorry for herself and her child all her life then she has bound herself with "karma" to be balanced with another lifetime for her and the child.

Knowingly or unknowingly we bind ourselves with so many harsh judgements about ourselves and others. It is very difficult for humans to accept and choose to see the gift is every situation. This human tendency of constant judgement is the one that imprisons us to every kind of discord.

Karma is not a Universal Law, we choose to believe in it and we have made it a belief system to build the game of Duality. By judging ourselves we choose to punish ourselves.

It takes immense trust in the Divine to accept life situations, and to see the gift that every situation brings. We volunteered to be here in this body, in this lifetime now. We are not wounded, and we are not learning lessons or undergoing punishments, we are EVOLVING. 

We are in total freedom, for through our challenges we are exploring different levels of consciousness. Our challenges makes us focus on the physical and the Spiritual. We are here to gather knowledge, to resolve our experiences by knowing ourselves in a much more conscious level.

Let us choose to be kinder and non-judgemental in dealing with every aspect of life so that we come into our freedom and our enlightenment!

~Premlatha Rajkumar~