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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I Am New to Life By Kahu Fred Sterling

How many of us think we will never break a bad habit or never have enough money to live the life of our dreams? We often think and say negative things until we eventually create them.

What if I told you that our Creator sees things very differently? The Creator sees that we live in a world of possibilities—we can be, have, do, and create anything we desire. Yet, we choose to see the improbabilities and focus on what we cannot be, do not have, and cannot create. Do we really want to continue to utter negative words of creation? I think it is time to clean up our thoughts and manifest the things we want in our lives.

If we speak our truth in every moment, the Universe will play a part in our lives in a manner that complements our true self. We will see our lives blossom before our very eyes, taking on a new shape and a new fragrance of love. When we speak in the affirmative with optimism, life springs forth with so much energy that we see, hear, and listen to the truth in all that surrounds us, and we let go of pessimism. We see our relationships just as we define them—more dynamic every day—and we see opportunities where we have never seen them before. Suddenly we are living in an entirely different and abundant world.

Can it be that simple? I am counting on it, because whatever I have been doing up until now has not been working. If I can change my world by changing my verbiage in word and thought, well, look out world, here I come.

©2012 Fred Sterling