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Thursday, April 19, 2012


HORSETAIL | This special herb is really doing great things w/ lowering blood-sugar levels in type II diabetes patients. In addition, horsetail is very effective with kidney and bladder issues, as it hones in and works on healing these organs so they can properly do their job. Horsetail, also known as "shave grass," contains very high levels of silica, which helps process calcium and break down fatty deposits in the arteries, build strong bones, tonify the skin and keep it from wrinkling (as collagen is made of silica), and counteract the effects of osteoporosis. Blood microscopy experts show that horsetail is wonderful for the blood (produces healthy red blood cells) and actually increases white blood cell counts when taken to help fight infection and harmful intruders of all kinds. Furthermore, research is also showing great results in removing lead from the body, which is very important due to excess lead in toys, paints, and other products in this day in age. This is a very diverse herb with many beneficial