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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April 3, 2012 – Venus takes Flight as Mars Nurtures the Night by Azlan White

VENUS enters Gemini today from Taurus and the slow methodical food-absorbed, home-absorbed feminine takes off into flight! She is off! Gemini is chatty, filled with laughter, connected to EVERYTHING and a lover of life!
MOON SQUARED VENUS early this morning then went into the VOID for a few minutes, quickly landing in Virgo, walking toward a kiss with MARS all day, filling the day with energizing charge! Any planet entering Virgo, quickly OPPOSES NEPTUNE in early Pisces, and we feel the Neptunian waters lapping over our details with confusion, dreaminess, or divine flow.
MOON CONJUNCTS MARS at 2:16 pm and we may feel the energy to climb a mountain of logistics and details, paperwork and even taxes!
MOON TRINE PLUTO late night at 11:01 pm pdt gives us soulful depth in the midnight hour tonight. We touch our power, our sexuality, our vessels of soul.
May the wings of Gemini on Venus bright allow her to dance in the wind tonight.