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Saturday, March 31, 2012

We Continue to recognize excellence: Photo of the weekend

New Age Of Activism. com Photo of the weekend: Photograph by Matthieu Paley, National Geographic

NEAT!! World's largest mechanical animal made by a group of artists in Nantes. It can carry around 50 passenger

New age Of Activism Until further Notice Photo of the weekend : Street Art of Medellin by Unknown Artist 
"No me llevas papi " picture taken by Joel Duncan with his phone that his mom bought for him in the United States and the respectable officials!@customs did not confiscated because... in case you did not know customs = duana.  Joel Enn Mexico ya te hubieran dejado en calzonsillos deveraz pues) muchas gracias por compartir tu foto la tomaste muy bien.. okay bye! Until Further notice Photo of the Weekend@2014 Tony Stromberg 
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About Toni Strongberg
After successfully spending over 20 years as a high-end advertising photographer in San Francisco, I found myself disenchanted, burned out, and ultimately receiving no nourishment from the work I was doing.  On the outside, I had everything anyone would want, but my inner landscape was barren and I began “searching” for my lost spirit.
When horses came into my life in the mid-1990’s, I realized that I had found my teachers, and the connection that I have developed with horses has helped steer my life in a completely different direction. Horses have taught me so much in the time that I have spent with them. They have taught me about the power of authenticity, honestly, and integrity, and they have taught mew the true meaning of leadership and relationship. They have also taught me about living in collaboration and community, rather than the model that our society embodies, which is about competition and “getting ahead of the rest”.
I feel my work is an homage to the equine spirit, and to the archetypal role they play in our lives. This is why I always photograph them without riders, saddles, bits, bridles or any other device that would interfere with their pure essence.
After publishing my first 2 books “Spirit Horses” and “The Forgotten Horses”, I am working on a new book which is my latest collection of photography, but will also include text about the role horses play for us as teachers and healers, and the profound lessons they provide for us… if we are willing to listen