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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Channeling from Me, Myself, and I

Greetings from Home, this is Me, Myself and I
We come to you from a galaxy 40 thousand light years away. We are inspired and humbled by your tremendous courage to move forward and to continue to co-create a beautiful dream on planet earth.  We know that it has not been easy for many of you. We know that you have experienced many loses and yet you have endured the test of time and now you stand here in all your divine glory. We are here like many others before us to let you know that you have won. We are here to remind you that all your belief systems that have been created by your  scholars, scientists, authors, magazines, television and movies are in fact tales or you may call them stories which have been reinforced by your mind and your perception. We are here to remind you that you are a creator of thought. None of these belief systems, tales or stories would manifest into reality( Form) if you did not in fact support them.We are here to let you know that you have kept your promise and it is because of you that we have entered into the age of miracles.  We have entered the time in which fairy tales become true.  We have entered the time in which your reverence for nature and mother earth replenishes the splendor and the magic that our lives will no longer live without.  We have entered the time in which your life story is what is most important. We are here to remind you that your life story has a happy ending. We are here to remind you that everything has been created according to the divine blue print of creation, and that nothing is what it seems.  There are no mistakes or accidents and  all you have experienced on planet earth has been in divine right order. Your dreams up to this moment have come true.  You have denied yourself nothing, you lack nothing, and everything that you perceive as suffering is a belief system that you have created through your own perception, your thoughts, your words and your deeds.  Earth is the planet of free-will, and the choice has and will always be yours to chose, chose wisely, and play well together. You are loved beyond measured.
Amen. Signing off
Me, Myself and I