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Thursday, January 26, 2012

What Do the Pleiadians Have to Say About 2012?

There are a lot of questions regarding the much touted much anticipated 2012.

There are many traditions which seem to zero in on that place in time. And many people are wondering what the implications are. Even Nostradamus was discovered through older writings to have had a great interest in the cross-over of the galactic plane, because that is what is occurring both astrologically and astronomically in the year 2012.
Astronomically there is a cross over with the plane of the earth's sun system with the galactic equator, and these are energy events that do not take an Einstein to comprehend.
When you can imagine your place in the galactic realm, think of the young physicist, Nassim Harreman, who talked about orbits not really being orbits, how you are really spiraling through interstellar space into galactic space.
You are never returning back to the same space year after year. Every year you return you are far removed along the pathway as you spiral and cork screw your way through the universe.
You don’t feel it you, you don’t see it, you don’t really detect it here on the planet, but those with astronomical observatories and abilities to look and see the stars can tell you quite plainly how far you have traveled in your recorded histories.
So if you can walk back on your recorded histories and imagine how the sun’s solar system has been spiraling and cork screwing along the outer rim of the Milky Way Galaxy, you would then understand it more as big scale alignments, things that don’t happen often by your reconnoitering of time and spaces.

You have this sense of time based on how your earth revolves around your sun, and of course you have broken that into smaller and smaller units you call seconds, and minutes, and hours.
But you do not recognize the grand scale of alignments that occur galactically or even intergalactically.
The amount of time that is necessary for a planet or a sun to roll around the other rim of a Milky Way type galaxy is so beyond your comprehension as a human to see it and understand it you don’t think that it ever really occurs. But there is a faster comprehension of the galaxies that will see this as moving very quickly. It is all perceptions, just as an insect has perceptions that are far faster than yours - they can out maneuver your hand trying to swat them.
So here you are you are moving into this place and the knowledge that it has not occurred for a long period of time is now attainable as a species.
So in other words, even though apparently you knew it as a culture into the eons of time (those in India conceiving the Yugas, and such). How did anyone comprehend the Yugas?
There is this sense that someone anticipated the grand distances and time spaces, but now you are in a place where you can know it quite intimately and with precision so you can see, “Yes we are aligning up with the Galactic Center’s ecliptic plane”

But what does that mean? How will this affect things?

Let us say, imagine a car going through a carwash.
As it moves through the carwash there are different aspects to the carwash environment. Some are places where you are thrust into great amounts of water, some are places where spinning things seem to come and knock you around and clean and scrub. Sudsy things come out then another point you are hit with high pressure water, and maybe another point you are hit with waxes. Then at the very end you are puffed dry with great force.
You went through these environments and they had affects on the car. Well that is what is occurring here as species travel through outer rims of galaxies and move through these energy places - things occur.

As planets do this, as entities do this... If you can imagine, again, it is much like going through a car wash - you have a purpose for it, and there are stages to it.

So the question is what stage are you moving into what stage are you moving out of.

We would suggest if you want to use the analogy of the car, you are moving into a place where the sudsy soap is really about to start spraying, and a lot of the crap and grime is going to have no hold on you any longer.
Is it forever?
No, you move through this place and you come out the other side and continue on your pathway, on your journey through this car wash, but it has a great purpose in your final destination: a clean car. We are using this as an analogy but it is a very good one.

Now if you wish to learn more about these things there is much already written. You can look into it from an astrological, you can look into it from an astronomical, and you can look into it from an energy/physics stand point as many have done.

You can attack it from many directions, but what you really can’t do is know it.

Because it has been so far and long ago that it happened last time that it is totally wiped out from any species memory, and all you have are echoes of it that seem to ripple through the dynamics of time.
If all time is simultaneous, there is a you that is in the middle of it broadcasting out to you now in this moment and the you on the other side of it trying to also send back information. To the extent that you can begin to make connections with these other time lines you strengthen your ability to achieve the goals of these journeys. It is almost like having the ability to send a scout ahead before you even get there. This can make for crazy making but this is what you do, you project your creative force out into these potential places and create them and then decide to inhabit them or not.
We have used many other analogies for this time, like how you are coming out of the era of cold wax moving into the year of heated wax where you can move around a little bit. You can imagine that you are very much like the bug stuck in amber. Well imagine the amber is going to soften up around the bug. Is not dead. It is going to start wiggling around and want its way out of the amber.

It has been our pleasure and we are pleased to have this opportunity to chat with you.

Good day from the Pleiadians.