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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Allâh Is All That! - (99 Beautiful Names of Allâh)

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'AdlThe Just, The Equitable29
'AfûwThe Forgiver, The Effacing82
AhadThe One, The Only One67
âkhirThe Last, The End and Ultimate74
'AlîThe Highest, The Exalted36
'AlîmThe All-Knowing, The Omniscient19
AwwalThe First, The Pre-Existing73
'AzîmThe Supreme Glory, The Most Grand33
'AzîzThe Mighty, The Eminent8
Badî'The Wonderful Originator, The Awesome Inventor95
Bâ'ithThe Awakener, The Resurrector49
BâqîThe Everlasting, The Ever-Present96
Bâri'The Maker from Nothing, The Evolver12
BarrThe Gracious Benefactor, The Source of Goodness79
BasîrThe All-Seeing, The All-Perceiving27
BâsitThe Expander, The Unfolder21
tinThe Hidden, The Inner76
DârrThe Corrector, The Distresser91
Dhû-l-Jalâli wal-IkrâmThe Lord of Majesty and Generosity85
FattâhThe Opener, The Revealer18
GhaffârThe All-Forgiving, The Absolver14
GhafûrThe Forgiving, The Pardoner34
GhanîThe Self-Sufficient, The Independent88
HâdîThe Guide, The Leader on the Right Path94
HafîzThe Preserver, The Protector38
HakamThe Judge, The Arbitrator28
HakîmThe Perfectly Wise, The Most Judicious46
HalîmThe Forbearing, The Calm-Abiding32
HamîdThe Praiseworthy, The Laudable56
HaqqThe Truth, The Only Reality51
HasîbThe Accounter, The Reckoner40
HayyThe Ever-Living, The Alive62
JabbârThe Restorer, The Repairer9
JalîlThe Majestic, The Glorious41
Jâmi'The Gatherer, The Uniter87
KabîrThe Greatest, The Most Great37
KarîmThe Generous, The Bountiful42
KhabîrThe Inner-Aware, The Reality-Knower31
KhâfidThe Humbler, The One who Softens22
KhâliqThe Creator, The Planner11
LatîfThe Subtle, The Gracious, The Refined30
MajîdThe All-Glorious, The Majestic48
MâjidThe Noble, The Generous65
Mâlik al-MulkThe Master of the Kingdom84
MalikThe Ruler, The King3
Mâni'The Preventer, The Defender90
MatînThe Firm, The Steadfast54
Mu'akhkhirThe Delayer, The Postponer72
Mubdi'The Starter, The Beginner, The Originator58
MudhillThe Disgracer, The Dishonorer25
MughnîThe Bestower of Wealth, The Fulfiller of Needs89
MuhaiminThe Protector, The Bestower of Security7
MuhsîThe Reckoner, The Appraiser57
MuhThe Giver of Life, The Reviver60
Mu'îdThe Restorer, The Renewer59
Mu'izzThe Bestower of Honor, The Strengthener24
MujîbThe Fulfiller of Prayers, The Responsive44
Mu'minThe Remover of Fear, The Giver of Tranquility6
MumîtThe Creator of Death, The Life-Taker61
MuntaqimThe Avenger, The Inflictor of Retribution81
MuqaddimThe Expediter, The Promoter71
MuqîtThe Nourisher, The Sustainer39
MuqsitThe Equitable, The Just86
MuqtadirThe All-Determining, The Prevailing70
MusawwirThe Fashioner, The Bestower of Forms13
Muta'âliThe Supremely Exalted, The Most High78
MutakabbirThe Supremely Great, The Perfection of Greatness10
Nâfi'The Creator of Good, The Auspicious92
NûrThe Light, The Illuminator, The Enlightenment93
QâbidThe Withholder, The Restrainer20
QâdirThe Able, The Empowered, The Capable69
QahhârThe Ever-Dominant, The Conqueror15
QawîThe Inexhaustible Strength, The Supremely Strong53
QayyûmThe Self-Existing, The Self-Subsisting63
QuddûsThe Holiest, The Most Pure4
Râfi'The Exalter, The Uplifter23
RahîmThe Most Merciful, The Most Compassionate2
RahmânThe Lovingly Beneficent, Most Kind and Gracious1
RaqîbThe Watchful, The All-Observing43
RashîdThe Appointer to the Right Path, The Director98
Ra'ûfThe Kind, The Tenderly Merciful and Consoling83
RazzâqThe Supplier, The Provider17
SabûrThe Patiently-Enduring, The Long-Suffering99
SalâmThe Source of Peace, The Flawless5
SamadThe Satisfier of All Needs, The Eternal68
Samî'The All-Hearing, The Ever-Listening26
ShahîdThe Witness, The Testifier50
ShakûrThe Most Grateful, The Most Appreciative35
TawwâbThe Acceptor of Repentance, The Oft-Forgiving80
WadûdThe Loving-Kindness, The Most Affectionate47
WahhâbThe Liberal Bestower, The Giver of Gifts16
hidThe One, The Manifestation of Unity66
WâjidThe Finder, The Resourceful64
WakîlThe Trustee, The Advocate52
WâlîThe Sole Governor, The Friendly Lord77
WalîThe Protecting Friend, The Nearby Guardian55
WârithThe Inheritor of All, The Supreme Heir97
Wâsi'The All-Embracing, The All-Pervading45
ZâhirThe Manifest, The Evident75