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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Well Tempered and Phi Cyclic... Sirius ly@The Heart of the sun

NOTE: This article really needs you to have looked at the preceding HEART OF THE SUN Graphics.. this 1st plz..

by Dan Winter

Certain ironies here, Richard Courtier writes Sirius B ratio to our Sun's mass is ratio Great Pyramid mean edge to Kephren, IF the correction factor of .0136 Comma of Pythagoras is used. This is the correction which changes the fifth in music from perfect fifth (1.5 fit) to "equal temperment". If you use pure fifth's, then your tuning prevents you from changing "keys", keeps you incubating. Forcing you to experience serparateness, possibly producing the agony of separateness deeply enough to incubate the birth of new compassion (which ultimately will by the turning inside out of gravity making implosion resulting in the ekg, eventually to bend stars.) If on the other hand you temper your octave so that each interval is the 12th root of two, then all key signatures have the same ratio, and you get the feeling of being able to switch scales without changing ratio. What you sacrifice on that cross of frequencies, is that then all your notes are not quite in tune.. More irony in that it is the SEVENTH power of the 12th root of two, which produces the FIFTH (almost 1.5 times the base note..), for example although your A is 440, then the fifth above "should" be 660 to fit pretty in the ear, in fact moving up seven half steps to this fifth, each is 12th root of two, the seventh time you arrive is .0136 less than 660 hz.
When you debilitate your music by tempering the ecstatic fifth becomes just dischordant enough in the ear to reduce it's harmonic sweep. When Dr Ed Wilson fed tempered octave harmonics into the human ear at the monroe institute, he measured dissociation in the EEG (hemispheric extremes lit up opposite poles/ very separate.. ).. separateness... incubation.. Later when he fed fibonacci leading to phi harmonics into the same headphones, he measured transcendance in the EEG (top crown linking hemispheres lit up..) lefting coherence up off the top of the head.. transcendantly...
The relationship of that PHI ratio appears to be SEVEN /FIFTHS of PI over E. (!)
The relationship of SEVEN spins outsides over FIVE spins inside makes the perfect slip knot which makes: (see article below)
1. the ANU (and electron)
2. The Heart
3. The Heart of the Sun
4. The Ophanim Sigil of Truth (Center of Temple of Solomon)..
The Geometry of the Heart of the Sun and the Electron..

Consider Pure Geometric Derivation of the Fine Structure Constant .137 from Translation of Vorticity on Surface of Toroid in Hydrodynamics..
If pyramid is hypercube see same in Ophanim Alphabet at the bottom of



half awake in frogs pajamas,
jitterbug perfume.. beet root ingredient in the key perfume is squeezed heart..(BEET SHAPE)

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