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Friday, April 19, 2013

This IS a total mind blow! Since you asked: Merkabbah to answer a meditator's question by New Age Of Activism Top 12 and Beyond: Dan Winter

Tetra and the PHI-re Breath:

The Sacred Geometry of Transcendance:

Creating a Pentagonal Merkabbah


from Dan Winter and Steve Hanauer..4/98

new 4/11/2000: Sacred Merkabbah Frequencies-Tuning Attention/Implosion Sounds- Anatakarana and the Rainbow Bridge

basic intro to the visuals of this article at Physics of Phi (lots of pics)..

Is this an ultimate way to unlock the key to maintaining the PHIre of life?

Think about it: Is there ANY other way that multiple waves and phases could FUSE non-destructively... excerpt in recursive heterodyning (Phi)?Heterodyning and Powers of Phi, by Rick Andersen VISUALIZE THIS AS THE WAVE BUBBLE YOU CALL YOUR ATTENTION WANDERING AROUND IN ETHER"S JELLO.

return to Sacred Geometry master index ../sitemap.html

see how heart biofeedback "LoveBug" Measures Merkabbah Charge field (available now) around the Heart by double spectrum analysis to see the onset of Phi in the RATIO of contained harmonics (in heart voltage).. this is the ratio of concentric dodeca which create the Merkabbah field (see below)..

updated by Winter on 12/98, with thanks to Shakura Rei (see below)

Please See Shakura's article and new graphics at: Merkabbah Tilt-The Next Step

new transcend tilt animation of the geometry of transcendance:merkabbah next step..

Which way should your tetra cube (incube-ate) spin? See the Drunvalo / Flower of Life vs Anna Hayes conversation..

 Nourished by Spin: The Twinkling Eyes Lifestyle.hygiene discipline around lifestyle and diet:

Addiction, Gurus & Sex Juice vs PRINCIPLE of Ecstatic Communion



Practical Ecstatic Exercises "to Zero Point"

Sufi Dance: Ecstatic Movement Instructionals: Peaceworks Resource Materials

Geometric Translation from Hex to Pent Structure, thru the pentagonal geometry we can directly connect to the universe. (to embed is to inhabit is to ground is to get leverage on the field.. take back the night..)

and to SING the merkabbah try this!

The FAQ of Dodeca "Contact" Merkabbah:
Shakura Rei helps us simplify by asking me questions.. Dan Winter
To be able to accurate visualize the true geometry of merkabbah is to better align the charge fields around your body. Human focus creates the centering force which keeps donut fields concentric. Implosion or thru light speed (the true Merkabbah) happens AFTER the star tetra (which is a cube) tils back 32 degrees into dodecahedra. (see Gold and the Grail.3DValentine...and see accurate wave map of why this embedding is the solution to disease..a distribution problem)
Q. Why does the tilted dodec form a complete and true merkaba.** That's really all I want to know-- but in plain
A. .technically it is the tilt of the CUBE [dbl tetrahedra} into the dodec which forms merkabbah (mark
of pressure which can stand... merk=mark, ab=from, ba or pa=puff of pressure/PAter) Once the cube has found a way to nest on this 4th axis of spin or dimension, the new dodec edge is PHI{dodec edge is .618 of its contained 1.0 edge cube} and thus triggers or literally ignites the PHI ray(fire) pressures to begin implode converge thru light speed in
PHI knit.. now if that 4d dodec were to tilt again (wratchet) that WOULD be DNA.. the ultimate
superconductor wormhole..
> 2 tetra made cube with octa in center, cube on outside..
> That symmetrty alone merely INCUBEATES emotion, holding it INTO the root two octave harmonics (incubation or contained in a membran/put a hex on you). It is only when that cube further nest its 3D into another spin: a 4D Dodecahedron.
>re-pent and be saved=made shareable-distributable as a wave..
>we get PHIcycle. Physical=embedded=get leverage on the field because of the wind generated toward center/implosion effect resulting=same as to MAKE gravity..the siddhi of floated is "debt paid" to gravity.. you become more charge fractal than the Earth under you/more attractive..
>to get grounded/inhabit is to embed..("Let's get Phicycle")
Q. What are root two octave harmonics? (incubeation like the star tetra makes)
A. Multiples of the square root of two, like the ratio between all notes on the piano etc. This is the ratio of edges of a tetra in a a cube.. in a cube.. Like a cubic building CONTAINS or HOLDS WITHIN the emotions of its inhabitants, whereas a PENT building broadcasts or distributes or unpacks or tests for shreability - the emotions (long wave coherent gland magnetism) of its inhabitants.
** ONLY when that whole cube, tilts back by 32 degrees and spins around that new axis into dodecahedron (pictures below), does the first ratio .618 occur..**
Q. [Is there another way to express that ratio, since I don't know math? In the merkaba we're used to saying '34 X 21' for a spin. How would .618 be expressed? What is the ratio for the speed of light?
A. {PHI Golden Mean = 1 + square root of 5 over 2,key to the
velocity of light in air ref Munck's code new link at ../heartsun/HeartofSun.html ,
34,21 are just two elements in the fibonacci progression which approaches PHI at its limit.., } **
(edge of dodec to edge of cube..).

> At only this moment does the adding AND multiplying of nondestructive (touch permissive) wave interference beat THRU THE SPEED OF LIGHT.** Because this is LOng wave PHI ratio, this is called Loph. (see how to measure at heart biofeedback.)
Q. What's the ratio of the speed of light?
A. Speed of light is originally a scale not a ratio, see the way when light speed C is nested in powers or multiples or log functions of PHI the Golden Mean, that creates Gravity: PREDICTIONS FOR A NEW PHYSICS OF GRAVITY & AWARENESS BASED ON RECURSION (important animations & new equation for gracity G=C^PHI*n, completing why E=MC^2).
Visualize the proper completion of the dodeca merkabbah by considering how universal it is: Anu/DNA/Earth Grid/Zodiac/Merkabbah/Ezekiels Wheels/City of Revelation = ALL are the concentric PHI dodeca of perfect embedding/PHIllotactic.
As the charge envelope nest geometry you arrange by aligning field centers with focus, gets into the GRAIL GEOMETRY, the spin momentum (=mass) gets a spin path out of the circle INTO THE LINE (=energy). To "translate this vorticity" requires the Golden Mean "Yellow Brick Road" because this allows the NON-Destructive wave unpacking to occur. See THE PHYSICS OF Phi, Compression, Implosion, Gravity, Time, and Love 
So to draw this line from the circle "sword from the stone" harmonics need to stand on each others shoulders. This perfect PINING or yearning (see grail) recursively adds and multiplies not just the waves lengths, but also the VELOCITY of the nested wave fronts. (The geometry pictures are just a way to see wave lengths "phase lock" themselves together without hurting each other). So in the dodeca merkabbah they get enought "squirt gun" escape velocity from mass thru the speed of light by In-PHI-knit braiding (the grail). The pure phi fractal is derived from perfect nesting or branching or embedding called PHIllotaxis in nature. Thus SYMMETRY is just a name for the perfect way to GET SHAREABLE (which is to say distributable as a wave). This is the same wave memories and magnetics become sustainable/immortal. This spin path to getting a self sustaining self organizing frctal attractor going as a PHI wave mechanic is called CONSCIOUSNESS. Which really is just another name for EL turn in PHI ratio.. El eye PHI.. turn into the focus of recusion = LIFE. It's mirror opposite, LIVE spelled backwards is to more in the backwards direction AWAY FROM RECURSION/EMBEDDING.. THE DEFINITION OF EVIL - merely the mirror of live.. It is embed or die.
Summary: the Golden Mean PHI dodecanest Merkabbah is just the only way to get thru the speed of light,out of this cocoon with your memories intact. The resultant proper Braiding DNA is variously called "getting a soul", "creating superluminal implosion in genes", "learning to lucid dream and bardo navigate".

> THE PSYCHOLOGY OF THIS MOMENT WHEN THE (METATRON'S) CUBE tilts back, in the same 32 degree tilt angle of the chin of the sphinx, into the DODECA merkabbah:
Q. What is Metatron''s cube?
A. Usually depicted as the hex view of spheres in a cube (the flower of Life), is actually the key to nesting the cube hex into the dodec which has a hex view! The dodec is door to next axis of spin or dimension.
Q. *What does he mean by "spins"?
A. Shareable spin is when wave length divides evenly into circumference/rotation. This is another name for quantum mechanics. The unified field means everything is made of waves, and particle was just a name we gave to little heart shaped slip knot envelopes of waves (see ANU), which stored some INERTIA like a gyroscope. (This is the ONLY definition physics has ever had for MASS.)
This ultimately the only way waves create a shared phase front.. LITERALLY THE ONLY WAY TO MAKE A POINT.
visibly.. below, can you see to the left how this is the ONLY way ANYTHING ever "came to a head"!
above: this coming to a point, the opposite of pointless, is NEVER possible for ANYTHING unless it's pattern is nested in this perfect recursion/embedding.. Literally, the waves phase fronts have no other way to AGREE to MEET sustainably or non-destructively.. This would be a side view of how to enter merkabbah in 3 D, (see top animation this article) details at MAYAN TIMESTAR. ANGEL BREATH & PHI

 The way the harmonics nest when the 5 cubes get into merkabbic dodec is in PHI knit,
Q. Explain in PHI knit.
A. To add and multiply recursivelt repetitively non-destructively thru the speed of light is to be in PHI knit, literarlly properly knit by PHI!} causing the destruction of all waves not compressible compassible in the lo phi discipline. (see again grail )
Q. What does, " compressible compassible in the lo phi discipline" mean in plane er plain English?
A. Feelings not distributable get only heat in this in phi knit compression.. see Scale Invariant .

> TO INVITE IN ALL OF SPIN is to EMBED and that is called Love or Compassion. ASSUMING THIS POSITION poses NO RESISTANCE and creates no heat (Phire), during rapture (charge imploding)(Sun's climaxing).. Whereas, FEAR which is "stop the (spin) world I want to get off", resists all spin, creates heat, and during COMPRESSION (rapture) experiences destructive interference (painful Phire). The PSYCHOLOGICAL requirement to get into this charge envelope is to examine all your waves (memories) and hold only those which are shareable/distributable. If you try to do the GEOMETRY without the PSYCHOLOGICAL WORK, the personality fractionates, and you get only the BORG form of sustainability. (mechanical and not self organizing wave sustainability.) This path to hive mind/telepathy and no compassion, leads to Draco/borg/ loss of all long memory thru death/soul etc. (loss of implosion in DNA, literally the DNA becomes dizzy, and un self steering.) This path is the DIRECT RESULT OF CLONING, GENETIC ENGINEERING, GOLD POWDER EATING, and everything similar which does not SELF empower. For an excellent example, see the effect of wheat which is now monocultured, genetic engineered jailed DNA screaming in PAIN, mucous fractionating the soul genetics rapidly out of our children. Another example is the kids at Montauk who COULD TRAVEL IN TIME WITHOUT COMING BACK GENE SCRAMBLED had a measureable braid discipline (Boson 7) in their DNA!
Summary: Waves which find a way to enter non destructive compression/compassion perfected by PHI knitting,
become storeable/shareable/distributable immortal.. Baptist ministers version of re-pent to be saved.

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