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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

OmG too cool for words!!! Understanding the 3D Origin of Swaztika: CHARGE COMPRESSION into the GRAIL (fractality).. the true geometry of the sacred (waves which by becoming compressible become sustainable).

The True Meaning and Origin of the Holy Grail..

A Golden (Mean) Fleece.. Braid of Gold

-+ 3D origins of Swaztika: Map to Compressing CHARGE into the Sacred (Grail)- the Fractal -added below Jan04

shortcut to the complete animation!

from dan winter, many related articles & hosts of animations at: Sacred Geometry & Coherent Emotion SITEMAP

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new 2/00: Illustrations of the actual Braiding in DNA which creates a fractal/grail radiance in the Magnetic X Chromosome

This article describes the PURE PRINCIPLE of perfect embedding or nesting based on golden ratio recursion, which underlie EVERY different way the grail has been referred to for centuriess.. see below that:

- it IS a cup

- it is a 'golden' fleece

- it is in the blood (perfect dna braid)


- it IS a siege perilous, and it is a tower or amydgala or djed or atlatal or sword of destiny: how the magnetic vector emerges non-destructively from rotation to propagation.. circle to line.. matter to energy .. sword from stone.


(what I did was take the Golden Mean Spiral, perfect embedding wave shape of all Phylotaxes, perfect branching, in 3D on the conic into concentric Dodeca pents within pents... and rotate revolve it to see the actual GRAIL! map to perfect embedding.compresion, & in DNA, Earth Grid & Zodiac ..below)

return to Sacred Geometry master index analysis page on Holy Blood Boly Grail (good source of links) -their comment to this article:"Holy Grail In Blood -
Dan Winter provides a provocative solution to the Holy Grail mystery, encompassing Pythagorean
mathematics, Chaos Theory, Sacred Geometry, Tonal Angularities and DNA. Very, very intriguing hypothesis."

Imagine the amount of human energy and interest which has been wasted wondering if the self embedded PENT pattern in Holy Blood Holy Grail - was magic, or mystery or religion or witchcraft or Jesus blood returning. The simple biologic electric principle is THIS IS THE WAY TO ARRANGE CHARGE DENSITY (landscape paramagnetic capacitance) NECESSARY TO CREATE THE FIELD EFFECT WHICH CAUSES SEEDS TO GERMINATE AND HUMAN DNA TO EXPERIENCE BLISS AND CREATIVITY. ( + enable successful dying and birthing)

If we would simply use the tools available to map these magnetic lines: 

We could understand their biologic and lucid dreaming, and successful birth / death enabling principles.

The holy grail is the shape of the charge field necessary to electrify (ignite with charge) your DNA. ref: ,

See Templar euro pent star maps:reshel grid - William Buehler articles.


:if you looked deeply
into bliss DNA (even semen) at the way the braid gets
dense.. it would look like a fleece whose weaving was
GOLDEN (ratio envelope to carrier etc..)

pic at ../magneticx

embedding as worth the quest...

Rachel writes:"Hi Dan,What do you make of this? I wonder what the lambskin actually was in original form. Any ideas?..this quote from the book - The Meaning Of Masonry by W.L Wilmhurst.. goes on to elaborately describe the 5/7 symbolism of LAMB and Lambskin... has the wool been over our eyes.."

Could it be that the 5 over 7 braid ratio (same as Gold df electron valence) induced in the DNA by EKG sonics.. during bliss...(The Perfect Geometry of Wave Collapse - Neurophysics Solution the Nature of Consciousness )

(link to braidingDNA article)

..THE PERFECT GOLDEN FLEECE!!..(what a technicolor genetic coating you have Joseph)

is exactly based on

(link to Torrent in the SUN/Heart/Anu-Hydrogen Coeur Article)

is exactly based on the vortex PHI implosion geometric (see grail animation below derived from the red spiral above) of the heart.. DNA/EarthGrid/Zodiac as fractal dodec light cones gone inPHIknitly embedable.


Perfect Nesting or Embedding or PHI llotaxis was called the Priori de Scion, Scion meant to BRANCH perfectly.. the lineage of Jon.. Jon and John became the Name for the PRINCIPLE of Perfect nesting or branching or embedding in DNA.. the Song in the Blood.. the San Graal.. the Ringing PiezoElectric DNA.. when the BRAIDING was well nested.. diseases end.. waves and cells and memories became sustainable.. the braiding in the DNA was accomplished by the sonic pony tail of coherent harmonics (emotion) from the glands.. so in effect maximum embedding was maximum compassion.. which is proven and teachable with HeartLink.. so the DNA which folded itself to a perfect map of what was outside, into the inside.. became THE GRAIL.. and magnetism (emotion) there created climate and bent stars.. because of the perfect PSYCHOKINETIC fractal morphic resonance of EMBEDABILITY.

3/18/98 new: (animated!) 10 Spiral Worms: Spin Path to Zero Point Animated.. to 5 Cube Dodec-Nest, (60 degree perfect vortex angle implosion cone spin path to zero point links in-PHI-knit dodeca nest fractal basis of dna/earthgrid/zodiac origin of grail)

KEY BACKGROUND:Lawrence Gardner: Bloodline of the Grail.,StarFire-Annunaki, Genesis of the Grail Kings, ShewBread-Gold Powder & More.. article links. (the Gold Powder/Manna Ormes has the nuclear geometry of exactly these animations).


Scenario set..

The local galactic sector was in trouble due to unstable star births, identical in magnetic terms to angelic magnetic bodies which bleed..

In order to add the self-embedding self-centering recursive force which would stabilize star births, heal the bleeding bodies of angels, and save this galactic sector, it was decided to create the Adamic or seeded race, in the image and likeness.. as above so below, I am that I am... (all names for embedding or recursion). What this meant in practical terms was that if you braided the DNA in life forms with enough perfect fractality you arrived at magnetism in blood which was embedded or fractally attractive. The result was a creation of a morphic resonance leverage on magnetic spins ACROSS GREAT SPECTRUM OF SCALES. Essentially, you could in this way create a human wave form which had enough magnetism bending ability in the spin geometry of their DNA, to BEND STARS in the blood with the magnetic rush of feeling. DNA in this way became so psychokinetic that it was of import in magnetically fabricating ecosystems the scale of stars.

here is the grail animation in smaller screen, but contiguous:GRAIL IN THE DNA BRAID EMBEDDING

look in 3 D what this pattern of the electricity around the heart looks like, when we learn the skill of choosing to become fractal/embedded.. (love)

these grail animations are large gif animations requiring 1/2 to 1 meg download,

they will begin playing during download, they will loop much faster after download

Holy Grail, Part 1

this is the spin path which light will see when it enters the dodeca DNA, when that DNA helix has been optimally braided into perfect nesting, by LOVE

(a "spin path to zero point")

the cup contains an inPHIknit amount of spin, it never runs over,

it has no inside or outside, it solves the problem of separateness..

it is the san graal, because it is the song in the blood,

because your ears ring with the magnetism of the land when the arc of your torus and the land are.. one..

Holy Grail, Part 2

you can see in the cup, the feminine organs of reproduction... egg more fractal than seed..

the sufi heart with wings..

and you can zoom in forever and always see the same thing

Holy Grail, Part 3

the heart of the matter.


Grail Heart 3D Spin, 2.4MEGS!!


This In-PHI-knitly constructive MAGNETIC WAVE INTERFERENCE perfectly describes at once the PRINCIPLE of:

perfect spin density,

perfect information density,

perfect recursion,

perfect embedding,

perfect implosion,

perfect gravity (G=C*PHI^!),

perfect data compression,

perfect connectivity,

perfect symmetry,

perfect damping,

the perfect way to turn inside out (Labyrinth),

perfect phase conjugation,

the perfect magnetic monopole,

the perfect scalar wave,

the perfect "singularity",

the perfect geometry of inflation, (Andrei Linde)

the perfect superstring connector (black hole),

the perfect geometry of bubble expansion,

the perfect (& only way) a wave can re-enter itself non-destructively (self re-entry),

the perfect PHYlotaxix (maximum exposure/minimum superposition),

the perfect balance between equilibria/ between liquid/crystal,


the perfect way to SORT anything (magnetic, liquid or gaseous),

the perfect way to SCALE anything,

the perfect way to SYMBOLIZE (or embed) anything

the perfect way to get physical (PHI-cycle),

the perfect (and only) SELF ORGANIZING PATH OUT OF CHAOS,

the perfect (and only) SPIN PATH TO THE ZERO POINT,


the perfect self-awareness,

the perfect pining,

the perfect intent,

the perfect time wormhole (antennae geometry),

the perfect HeartBeat harmonic signature for disease resistance (Irving Dardik, MD "Cycles Magazine"),

the perfect Brainwave harmonic signature eliminating addiction & attention deficit (Wuttke Clinic),

the perfect Planet Schumann harmonic signature eliminating climate chaos & atmosphere loss,

the perfect DNA braid to make "soul".(spin memory to survive death),

the perfect sharing,

the perfect compassion and love,

the perfect fractal,


the perfect grail:

Sacred Geometry,
Coherent Emotion
& The Earth Grid


Introduction to the Fractal Flower
Geometry of Love...

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new transcend tilt animation of the geometry of transcendance:merkabbah next step..
Getting Feeling Centered in A Gravity Lens: A Visual Understanding of Gravity Implosion, Solar Flare Peak, Gravity Lensing, and Relationship between Emotions Gone Shareable and Flux Lines Focused in to Sorting for the Shareable.4/3/98
gif animations:Dodeca Soap Bubble Implosion Animation prox 900k Angeltrumpets,Heart of Sun Animation prox 600k


to spin the grail cup yourself (interactively) click above

Above compare the hex origins of logo of Ananda Marga, Hebrews (Mogen David-Star of David) -even Christian and Sumerian..
the symbol of Ananda Marga. As soon as he showed it to me, I became confused and curious. To me it looked like a mix of the Jewish Star of David, the Japanese rising sun, and the Nazi swastika!

Dada explained that there are two interwoven triangles. The downward triangle represents the inner search through spiritual practices, while the upward triangle represents service. Balancing service and meditation brings progress, represented by the rising sun in the centre of the two triangles. In the middle of the rising sun is a swastika, an old Sanskrit symbol which means spiritual victory or enlightenment. Dada explained that Hitler had misused this powerful symbol when he made it the symbol of conquest. Swastika is a Sanskrit word derived from 'swasti' which means welfare or wellbeing. In India it is common to see temples decorated with swastikas. It is supposed to bring good fortune and victory.

Coherence Physics approaches embedding: "Suffice to say, maximum Complexity is found via self-organised criticality at the edge of Chaos,
which is epitomised by the Golden Mean, as the emergent geometric manifestation of the principle
of least action: therefore its full temporal/ spatial action is analogous to creation itself."

from: (bold face added by me.. and if I may add: to summarize, the Golden Ratio is the ONLY way out of CHAOS.. for mathematicians and for hearts learning to embed.)..
discussion at ../philotactics

Is the Revenge of Dagobert Actually Loss of the AMAZE-ing Spin Path into the Grail Heart?

written FOR Tracy Twyman by Dan Winter

(according to some grail historians Dagobert was the mysterious last true King descended from Jesus?Magda tantric..

related articles listed: ../sitemap.html



It is a common human inclination to get too involved with the local personalities associated with our grail myths and forget the pure principles which underlie them. This article looks at the possibility that the holy grail at its deepest level could only mean THE PRINCIPLE perfect branching or nesting. This author believe this is how wave forms become self organizing and self aware. The Grail is the geometry of nesting for waves to become perfectly 1.) fractal, 2.) self-embedded, 3.) compressible, 4.) distributable/shareable as a wave.
The mathematics are based simply on a Golden Mean Spiral lifted into the perfect 3D cone made by interdigitate/stellating inPHIkit dodeca/icosa. (As in DNA/Earth Grid and Zodiac). The resultant swept 3 dimension wave makes the perfect cup in cup 'golden fleece' grail motif, which which frequently inspires weeping even as a computer animation. The point may be that this electrical spin path to perfect embedding may well be what happens in DNA when braided by perfect ringing sonics in a heart's EKG feeling bliss!
All of this may at first seem too romantic, to be true. Yet we have been able to measure Heart EKG harmonics repeatedly generate PHI or Golden Ratio 'nonlinear' harmonic intervals, at the moments of bliss. (../stillpoint ). And with the help of Glen Rein measure the effect on DNA braiding of that sonic bliss in the Heart! (../rein ).
Below we review the actual components of what makes a grail cup, from the perfect branching or nesting, which the ancients call the SCION or zion or Jon (which every tree pruner knows the real meaning of). The maximum exposure/ minimum superposition which nature uses for this branching is called PHYLOTAXES specifically because it is all based on Phi, The Golden Mean (../physicsofphi )
From a biophysics viewpoint it is becoming clear that the charge radiance of the superluminal harmonics generated by DNA when it is braided into implosion (../superDNA ) DO in fact account for the mystical wonder and power associated with the grail in the blood. Specifically when the Phi harmonics in DNA braided into perfect recursion, do in fact implode in-PHI-knitly, the number of harmonics sucked in does go thru the speed of light (by simple recursively successful constructive heterodyning or beatnotes...) DNA begins it's life as a wratched 4D PHI based dodeca (../emotion) all based on Golden Mean wave intervals. (optimized embedding). By completing this process into longer and longer wave lengths (sonic braiding induced by heart sounds in bliss), the genes do in fact literally by implosion bend all surrounding light into them. This is how gravity is created & stabilized in general. (../predictions ).
More on this in the pics below. What however inspired this particular article is a related almost political commentary. Gardner (Genesis of the Grail Kings), has recently suggested that our word KING came from CAYIN (Cain), the Annuaki cloning experiments to make good babysitters for their droids/borg/adamas here. This was consistent with the evidence that their ancestors had been breeding the royal families of Europe for Millenia very much like we do show dogs. This gave a parallel but slightly different flavor on the DIVINE RIGHT OF KINGS IDEA. (De-vine meaning from five-ness or PHI-ness or simply: well nested.) Originally they got a little better sustainability in the DNA of their borgs (tak adama as in adam and eve, meant borg from Orion../ Tak) by using not only the seed of ET Annunaki, but putting the CroMagnon egg back into Ninnhursag. This fed the clone the StarFire Menstrual (oil of messeh / crocodile juice.. from which comes our word Messiah).
The winged Drac's /Ciakar were likely the Cherubim of the bibilical Annunaki / See morph from Orion Draco Queen to Sumerian Goddess at ../lionpath , noting Summaire MEANS Dragon/Draco in Celtic.
At once we have a new insult to our slave origins. Or do we? Gilgamesh was jealous because the Annunaki (& apparently their related Draco's) lived for tens of thousands of years. Clearly they had better implosion sustained in their DNA. Yet by the very addiction to Gold Powder (see Gardner on STARFIRE replacement for Vestal Menstrual Blood ), which required them to clone up Adam and Eve in the first place (mining slaves), THEY THE ANNUNAKI HAD LOST THE HEART ABILITY TO INDUCE INSIDE THEMSELVES THE VERY EKG SELF GENERATED BLISS FIELD WHICH WOULD IMPLODE THEIR DNA. Remember the electrical capacitance or charge implosion in DNA is the force which STEERS. (Will added to gravity, Intent directed mutation, etc., referencing "Can Intent Steer Waves" ../intent ).
So our indigenous DNA may have some necessary key. Jason Bishop has done some intriguing work on WHY the predominant (RHesus) MONKEY MISSING RH-Neg is associated with Celtic (ANcestral) genes. In the reptile/monkey cross the reptilian reflex brain stem only got direction or steerage from the high fractal brain, which from the mouth of the snake (Amygdala in the brain), dump the testasterone poision raw material of bliss juice nectar. Gives a deeper meaning to the slang "heartless bitch".. dog mother/wiolawa. The bird/dog brain cross with the reptilic was called Nib(elung) URU (dragon).. from which came our Niburu / Hiburu / Hebrew. Iluru in Australian becomes Dragon Rock, SolUrus/Draco Ruler becomes Dragon Able to Go thru the Sun. (SolarI-AN / ARyAn).
The Dragon queen (borg) very total telepathy inhibited compassion because only the pain of separateness (missing in the borg) triggers the urge to NEW topological electrical turning inside out-ness we call compassion. TheToroidal implosion of EKG field onsets BLISS when harmonic intervals enter log PHI - learned imploding..(measureable with 2nd order fft /septrum, ref. ../hrv ).
So in effect, the collectivizing moment when implosion is entered into willfully, is called compassion or embedding. It is non destructive compression enabled shareability entered right within the heart field. When it is entered into by outside means such as gold powder / stimulants / drugs / alchohol caffeine, mucous results due the blurring of the self not self barrier which can be only phase sorted by a SELF generated Phire within. That mucous of the addictive personality, becomes the only home for the current rage of Draco/Annunaki designer viruses designed to sort our genepool for the implodeable. (ref: ../america )
Much more on the sonic mechanisms / sacro-cranial snake charming of bliss juicing on the web (../isthisrecursion/apta.html & ../kundalini with reference to the effect of climate and ecosystem ).
The irony I particularly enjoy, is the pure principle ramifications to the REVENGE OF DAGOBERT. Here is the REAL revenge:
IF you can locate the spin path contiguously by PHI braid heterodyning back to your genetic fractal origin, then you have a leverage phase reference for the perfect EMBEDDING which IS psychokinesis. (ET phone home requires the bandwidth which fractal data compression enables). We need to put that in new words too. When a group is shamanically navigating thru stars and attempting a coherent collective lucid dream, the Quaballist Melchizadekian key is each first must find the critical path turning points of magnetic memory back into the egg in their mother (s mothers mothers mother...) . In so doing A COMMON POINT OF REFERENCE or phase sync is generated to allow common dreaming.
So if you lose the memory path (see grail animations below) back into the perfect embedding which IS motherly EGG making... then ET loses the ability to phone home. Same meaning as REAL rebirthing: that is the spin density convergence... max pressure of the wormhole birth canals memory phase sorting PERFECT SQUEEZE. (../bettersqueeze) sort of the emoto quantum mechanics for the REAL 'Bond of Power'.
So here were the local politics. If you forgot whose mothers mothers mother really WAS the memory path... Then YOU COULD NOT REIGN. What did this mean? It meant that there would be INADEQUATE PSYCHOKINESIS IN THE DNA for Arthur and the LAND to be ONE! It is very like Tut's genetic radiance used in ritual to regulate the timing of the flooding of the Nile. No REAL ruler, when there is no legal limit to the snow in Camelot. (see the effect of Kundalini on climate, link above.)
The key to identifying the first Eve biologically was the fractality of foldedness which is mitochonidrial membrane braiding. EYEdentEYEcall with the dimpling which inside outed the egg in the first place to start fetus making. (first move you ever made).
Desposyni were the dispossesd of royal blood recognition. The revenge which Dagobert, that dispossessed of Jesus and Mag (means dragon queen), is not simply political in the who gets the money sense. The deeper revenge is if the lineage of children lose Ariadne's thread weft woof to the spin path home. This is exactly the 3D spiral map into the grail (animations below). The path to packing perfectly is the path to making shareable. That IS the grail. This is the only way ANY E pluribus became unum. Forgetting this, the revenge is self inflicting, even as the moment of self awareness was when the wave learned to self reference (also referred to technically as 'the yellow brick road').
Several points here.
1.Like Diana, it is compassion as the geometrizing of perfect sharge embedding, which makes DNA fractal and therefore psychokinetic (well inside outed).
2. The revenge comes not when you forget Dagobert WAS Mothered by the grail blood, BUT RATHER WHEN YOU FORGET WHAT THAT MEANS. It is not about which vassal family loses money. It is about THE place in the morphic field of the collective DNA where ALL the tribal memories can become ONE. Where 'many paths and errands meet. Fractality is LIFE in both time and space metrics. Angel bleeding ends when the spiral pattern is restored in both spacial AND temporal history. ('Spiral Calendar'). Only in this way can we become self steering. When you see the QUEEN weep for her people, then you know her genes are embedding.
So all this is why as the sun tests us for the shareable with the compressing wave of her solar orgasm, we now learn the true glandular magnetic meaning of NON DESTRUCTIVE COMPRESSION. ( reference: ../scaleinvariant).
To avoid this Revenge of Dagobert it is a survival requirement now, as a genepool that we must now understand kinesthetically and electrically ...
(to inhabit the fractal, in the same way mind inhabits phire, requires we assume the position..)