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Friday, February 1, 2013

"Unified Twin Flame Grid Upgrade - 22 Sirian Chakras and Master Architect Code By Michelle Menders Palace of peace

"The energies serving to remind you of the power you embody shall be anchored through a series of 22 initiations linked to the 22 chakras of your Sirian body. At the same time we shall continue to energize the fields of light created by the Platinum Ray brought to earth in the Christ year 2006, and for each of you we are also supporting you in connecting with the 22:22 Stargate which holds the Master Architect Code. This code activated within you initiates the stirring of your memory as a Master Architect within the universe of infinite creation and possibility. This code which contains fields of information will settle within your 7 major chakras as a result of the activation of the 22 Sirian chakras you shall undergo. 

Each code we activate within you emits into the etheric field a signature of sound which naturally aligns with these higher fields of information and releases to you the information you are ready to receive. Imagine these codes as being the combination to a large safe, and within the safe is stored sacred books of powerful wisdom and information, however in order to access the information within the safe you need to know the full combination of the code in order to gain access, and this is exactly what we are helping you with. All the codes, in other words, all of the energies which make up the full combination is not activated all at once, simply because this also serves as a level of protection for you and the information you are receiving. Because of what we are all involved in bringing to light at this moment it has attracted an immense amount of attention from the forces which have maintained control over planet earth for many cycles. You have been prepared and groomed to deal with these energies. This is another reason why not everyone experiences what you experience. Most are unable to deal with the intensity of these energies, especially when at times malefic forces attempt to completely disrupt your life and throw you off of your pathway. Thus with these energies you are being given additional protection and support, and each time any malefic force attempts to infiltrate what we are doing we will ensure that your group consciousness, in other words, the noosphere that is being created for you as a group scramble their codes. So, in a manner of speaking, we are all being kept on our toes for not only are we observing each of you all of the time, but we are also observing how the negative energies attempt to dishearten and disrupt you.

We ask you not to become disheartened and to leave your fear behind. All of the activations and initiations you have been through have slowly removed the veils which have made it possible for you to see through the Matrix of Illumination into the heart of truth, and as a result you are able to see through the Matrix of Illusion and to the heart of it’s core intention. Because you have lived within the heart of the Matrix of Illusion you are fully aware of how dense that energy is and the power of the density within that energy. Through the upgrade of the Unified Twin Flame Grid we are increasing the power of the light you contain which is amplifying the codes of light stored within the network of illumination. Thus the noosphere which holds the 12 core groups of Lightworkers working with the 44 projects are being aligned with the higher consciousness of the Master Architect Code in order to successfully build the foundation and the structures of the new world.

Because the Aquarian Age is such a challenging age for all of humanity, it is an important cycle at this time, of all your lifetimes. You have chosen to lead the way unlike any others have, and it is because of the power of the light you embody that you are equipped to counteract the dark’s intentions by diluting it and completely absorbing it with your light. Some of you are now being made more consciously aware of the lengths to which the forces of darkness went to completely debilitate humanity. Because you are now openly seeing this, you in a way are also made more of a target so to speak. Thus we assure you that the fields of light holding the structure of your life are being upgraded, strengthened and energized with the powerful Rays of Platinum Light every 24 hours. 

" Excerpt - Mary Magdalene.