An Original Article by Lotus
( Everything one needs to Ascend is within, it is that which lives in you and has always lived within you. Before you incarnated you were full and complete, but on entering this reality matrix and through the experiences you have had through life, many layers have been added to you. These layers are narrowing belief systems that accumulate one after the other to create a personal identity, which only after a few years of experience, is believed to be the real and total self.
Even before you were born, these days your gender may already have been defined for you; thereby eliminating half of your energy from the very start of your experience. The soul knows nothing of gender and the limiting cultural doctrines forced upon the newborn child, but one after the other the belief systems are put in place and the patterns begin. As a newborn you heard the words spoken without separation, as a part of a wondrous symphony of oneness that encompassed all you experienced around you. They blended with everything else in your awareness to create a magical ensemble of senses and feelings. But not to be outdone, your parents continued to define you and everything else in your reality for you, until the fateful day came that you started playing the game they were inadvertently luring you into.
It starts around the time you point at something or one of them and say, “Mama” or something similar, that you realise you are celebrated for your ability to perceive this separation and define something other than yourself. You realise the more you define and label things the more you are rewarded and you soon realise you can be good at this game; this is the birth of the personality.
The layers continue to build as you learn this dualistic language parrot fashion, laying the perfect foundation for the compulsory education system to follow. Here you learn along with everyone else the same facts and more definitions; pretty soon thereafter you will begin to be tested on your ability to retain these facts and definitions. The success is measured by how quickly and accurately you can learn and parrot these facts and this sadly becomes the accepted truth of success and survival. Those who don’t perform well are judged as lesser potentials for success and a competition starts between peers.
Belief systems grow as one is indoctrinated into culture. The understanding that certain factors promote a higher staus, success or enjoyment provokes interest in the things society is fuelled by. There are set beliefs formed around money, what is considered beautiful or the stereotypes that suggest success or failure. One begins to firmly form opinions about themselves and others, based on the words and actions of those around them. Television and media, teachers, family and friends all join together in conditioning you in a similar way to the previous generation. Before you know it you have your very own identity that you believe to be you. You believe you have preferences about everything, you have a sexual preference, usually to do with the fact that you believe you are a certain gender type, completely convinced you are the body in which you reside. You may prefer a certain hair colour or shape even and dislike everthing else. You believe that you prefer certain foods and drinks, clothes and jobs. You believe you are from a particular country which has its own individualised set of beliefs about itself and other countries and cultures. You believe you prefer a certain type of house with a certain type of car with a preferred colour and age. You may even only like some colours or music or art, you may go so far as to say you hate certain types of experiences you’ve never even had based on the opinions of others. In the end one forgets the indoctrination has occurred and can become fiercely proud of the person they have become. All of the belief systems are then firmly locked in place and the personality takes hold.
The following life ensues in an endless quest for satisfaction, which can never be found in these imposed untruths of culture and virtue infinitely. Moments of finite, conditional love, joy and freedom are sporadically experienced and chased in search of the next fix of completeness. But these experiences can never replace the truth that they have hidden. Lives are built around these lies of culture and they become in the end a ridiculous framework to exist in. Happily, some see the ridiculous nature of humanity and the way it collectively behaves, and reason: “there must be something else, there must be a God somewhere or a reason, a holy place in the sky perhaps, somewhere to go that’s real”. But the answer cannot be found by applying another bit of knowledge to what is already a floored foundation.
The core of Ascension is you, nothing else. It is that which has always been inside of you, the full and complete beingness of God… is you. So then realise if you are already God, the ascension process can be nothing else but the removal of the layers put upon you to bury this truth. One must simply return to the state of being before the layers were added and realise that there is nothing outside of you to search for. It is in recognising the limiting belief systems that have shaped your life and thinking, then furthermore taking action against them that leads to growth. And they are many in number, in fact almost everything you do will be guided by a pattern formed by these belief systems. Belief in death, importance of money and exchange, time, space and the seperation of form are all massive global belief systems lived by almost everybody constantly.
Dare to rethink everything you were ever led to believe about yourself, ask yourself why you repeat certain patterns and if they don’t serve, let them go. Rejoice in becoming something new and don’t be afraid of saying goodbye to what you were told you were. You have already had that experience anyway, why repeat it?
The core of ascension is right inside of you perfect and whole in every way, it cannot but be found if these archetypical layers of personality are removed, as it lives underneath them. The more that are removed the closer to self one becomes, the more the real and wondrous truth of life is revealed, the fact that you are God and underneath the layers… you always have been.