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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Action of Reality Creation

( The importance of taking action in order to create your reality is essential to understand. No problem was ever resolved by non-action; remaining passive will only ensure your reality is created for you instead of by you, this of course is not want you want. So taking action is then vital to regain control of your creation.
But how does one know which action to take? Your thoughts create your reality, the actioning of thoughts especially so. It depends on which thoughts one takes action on that creates one’s reality, whichever thoughts are identified with will shape ones experience. The actioning of your thoughts is what creates your day and actioning could just mean expressing how you feel in words for example, or even just harbouring a thought will action a certain type of experience for you.
In this day and age people are so identified with their minds that they believe their thoughts are their own, good or bad it feels like them and they just accept it happening. The beloved Quan Yin told me that, as a little girl in China, she was taught a saying that translates as “bad thoughts draw the bad wolves in”. She would even run to her friends laughing and say: “listen to what silly thoughts tried to come in!” and on explaining them they would all laugh together at the ridiculous nature of them! We are of course talking about a period in time which was about four thousand years ago in Earth’s linear time.
At this point of history and culture things were very different and the mind had nowhere near the kind of grip it has today. The importance of thoughts and how they create reality was known and very much understood back then even by young children. In modern times this understanding is all but buried under a veil of mind so thick, it is not even seen through and the unsuspecting human allows every thought to be identified with and acted on as if it were their own.
So of course discernment is needed in choosing the right thoughts to identify with, the good ones or the bad ones? I am not about to tell you which of your thoughts are good and which are bad, in the end there is no such thing as good or bad; but you are bound to want a positive experience whatever that means for you.
If you want to have great experiences and you understand that thoughts create reality, why would you then entertain a thought about a negative experience? It is not about which are good and which are bad thoughts but it is about what you actually want to create and experience as a direct result of your thoughts.
If you accept and action the good thoughts (a thought that one deems positive and desirable) a space in time will open up for your desired experience. Choosing to identify with bad thoughts (a thought deemed undesirable) will of course create the wrong action and a space in time will open up for that type of experience.
Simply put:
Wishing you all a GOOD TIME!