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Friday, February 1, 2013

The 7th Sacred Code-Seal THE GREAT TRANSFORMATION Maria de La Luz

On February 2, 2013 the 7th Sacred Seal-Code will be activated making the ties that bind you with the rest of the universe remain sealed and bonded. You will become part of the Federation of Worlds in the Light where interplanetary travel will start to be real.

Between the 2nd and 3rd of February 2013 the Earth will be activated and the shadows will disappear. From February 2 to the 22nd, the water will be leading the agenda along with the wind.

Your temple in all of you dwells in the Higher Heart realms and this temple is the only one you should go to; your strength and your final destination is there. 

Te Marian Seal of February 2 and 3 will explode with flashes of light energy and you will join the Real Time. You will be leaving behind the time that as you know, had been modified .

The Christ Energy will become more powerful and potent.

On February 2 the Earth will shake energetically and the mirror will activate itself. Upon watching your reflection you will see the truth. A great stanpede is being prepared for that day; the races will be already regrouped. In that way the truth will no longer remain hidden and it will be easier to look into one another.

The Earth will point at her destination and she will break something; something will remain broken forever. I can see the Earth as she peels away leaving behind the dense layer that no longer serves its purpose. I see the Earth opening up and revealing her inner life; it looks like the moment the skin is shed. You will also be doing this process; and by shedding your skin and getting rid of the shell that no longer serves, you will be able to see each other clearly. The mirror will be there to see clearly through it, no one will be able hide anymore. There will be no shadows left.

The real Earth will open up and and you will enter the space time of freedom; the freedom of those living in order to “Be”. The Earth by shedding her skin will become pure light, she will shine in her own right and will become pure consciousness, pure greatness. Then is when you in her image and likeness will shine in harmony with your Mother Earth and this is something worth seeing, YOU ARE LIKE HUGE BEACONS OF LIGH.

The 7th day after 22/02/2013 the new seeds from which the new humanity will be fed will be scattered.

I can see the rotation speeding up and the the rhythm and pulse of the Earth changing.

You have the necessary faith and hope to be able to tie the real threads of truth that lead to the abyss, this protects the filaments that run through the human soul and which connect it to your true Self and your true family. The spiral of lifetimes in this dimension has come to an end.

You will then you will be the spirit brought into action; you will become the embodiment of light inhabiting the 5th Dimension.

In this 7th Seal there will be a great call and a flare for helping with the bond you have with your souls in order to merge your bodies with your spirit. This is the call that will resonate within you; the call to your families of light, the call to follow the path that leads you to your destination to find the door and the path. This path is lit with torches of light so you don´t get lost on the way back home.

The 7th Seal:

On Sunday the 3rd of February the 7th Sacred Code-Seal will open up. With this action all channels will be filled with Christ healing energy. This is a Seal of a high mission and healing purpose; it is an isolation Seal. It is a Seal that sets up calmess in order to face those circumstances.

This Seal will activate all conduits of the Earth and all conduits of the human body and the Light body. There will be a great memory clearing. This seal will enlighten and ascend many. The submarine ocean currents will heal and realign themselves, and there will be no obstacles to prevent the free flow of energy from healing and releasing everything in its path.

In Fatima the Codes and memories will be readjusted in such a way that the healing records and lost memories of perfect health will open up.

The Sources of inspiration will reach many reminding them how their lives should really take place. The data bases and memories of light will dispense the pending Karmas settling all the past.

The Crystals of the Earth will recover the codes and records. This will readjust the memories and Natural balance of the Earth system giving way finally to the Great Light and opening the door to the Golden Age of the New Earth

Forgiveness comes to all as a Dispensing Grace in this new and evolving times.

Everything will remain settled and dispensed with a New Convenant for this new evolutionary stage of the beings who inhabit this beautiful planet Earth and that are in tune with this great energies.

All the way from Fatima frequency waves in the shape of Stars will change this Luminous Season with new vibrational frequencies where everything starts over under a new vibration.

Fatima will shine in her own right enlightening the world, and by when this 7th Sacred Code-Seal opens up, between the 2nd and 3rd of February, it will become extremely important in this transformation because through it many of you will be changed and transformed forever.

In a place called Fatima there is much work to be done, it is a school for volunteer healers of the strands from Sirius commited to transforming the World, their children, and their children's children.

Fatima is a Base of operations where the bits and pieces of the Lost Souls are recovered due to both, Energy interceptions, as well as to trauma originating in this and other lifetimes.

Fátima, City of Light, connected with Sirius and the Fraternities of Light.

At Fatima the Soul´s Light is restored, and connected to its divine origin and its multiple Selves.

In Fatima the Being recovers the Divine Boost and it is there where the soul is injected with a New Lease of Life, where the pain is restored, and the Karma that is attached to the Subtle Bodies of Light is released.

This new year 2013 has begun and it is a year of Great Transformation where nothing will stay the same as it is now when it finally ends. The year 2013 is the shaking out of our lives, where everything that no longer serves our purpose will blow into the air..

Open up your hands and minds and let go of everything, of absolutely everything, and do not take hold of anything since that is the only way you can accomplish the Great Shift, The Great Transformation.

Therefore, with this 7th Sacred Seal your life will be shaken because that is the way you have chosen to do it. This will enable you to have access to the new life that awaits you. Those or you who already chose it have a safe passage. Do not be afraid because fear is your worst ally .

There is nothing to fear, let go of everything and be confident.

It has been said that everything, absolutely everything pertains to a perfect plan without any room for error and that everything will wait to be given unto you just at the specific and revealed time.

The 7th Seal Burns in Fire and Divine Justice, this means that you will be given back that which has always belonged to you.

The 7th Seal is the Light of Justice and Balance.

The 7th Seal will open up the Hearts to forgiveness and redemption, it will bring the grace of Forgiveness and sustenance, it will transform your DNA of illusions, and it will join together the masculine with the feminine.


Is the Seal of God handing over life to men, it is the Seal of the Sacred Flower Consecraated to humanity.

For you sons and daughters of the Earth with all my respect and great love.

Channeled by Belén de la Paz.