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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

P'Taah Tapes transformation of the species: 8th transmission channeled by Jani King

Absolutely, Now the "I" that is the persona(altered ego) does not need to be dissolved. It is to be embraced, and in the embracing and non-judgment you will then have alignment. Then indeed there will be no fight. Your mind is your servant. Your ego is your servant. If you desire  only to be passive, the so be it, but you  see in truth, what you are is a grand creative being. If you believe that everything that you create turns to ashes, then indeed beloved woman it will. However, it is also to say the lesson for all humanity is BEING, not to be a HUMAN DOING. Nevertheless,it is that as you desire something then you may show forth intent. And That is alright, but it is also not to be what is called"Hung Up" on the outcome. Because you see beloved when you are Hun-Up on the outcome, you go into grand judgment because it is not exactly as you have written it. Do you understand? It is not necessary to be a re-active being. You are indeed action personified even when you are sitting down doing nothing. Your body is the most wondrous of active, creative organisms. It is like a multitudinous galaxies creating actively at every microsecond. So is the brain. It does not shut off, not ever. It is to allow this busy-ness of mind. you will find that if you judge the busy-ness of your mind, and if your trying to turn it off nothing else will be accomplished. It is to let it go. It is a busy brain. Make it okay. Whatever your consciousness be, it can exist simultaneously with the very busy-ness of the mind Even when you are asleep your mind is still busy. Now the state of being and the state of doing are polarities. It is not to make one wrong and one right. It is to embrace both. We have noticed with humanity that you become bored when you are not doing something.  So it is to be joyous in what you do. Have we not said to you, do what makes your heart sing, judge it not.  And as you  in the doing so to speak, It is to be in the joy of the moment. In such a fashion, there is no past and no future, just the beingness , It is not require that you sit in your posterior and do nothing. Go forth and dance, indeed? Is that clearer for you beloved?