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Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday 15th February's vibration (13+2+2+0+1+3) = 23/5

The vibration of 5 enables the regenerative process, and creates the cycle of seed, flower and fruit in nature. Notice how many flowers have five petals. In fact in Nature, all plants that bear fruits have five-petalled flowers. The flower transforms into the fruit, which contains seeds. So the seeds of CHANGE can be sown today, ones that will flourish into a new way of living for you. This could be a change of mind, of long-held beliefs, or a change of direction, but at the heart of what might seem like an initial upset, a transformation is underway, and a deeper understanding of self is the new destination.
5’s energy calls on you to be adaptable and ready for anything because, indeed, anything can happen, and it is this element of surprise that the 5 thrives upon. With 5 comes rapid communication, we have Mercury aligning with 5’s vibration, and so messages come thick and fast when this card appears, and you need to take heed of them, to balance your mind and listen to them. Discrimination is the key word with 5’s energy, absorb all the information available to you now and then do your own research, weigh things up and decide. Don’t be too rash and reckless in your decision-making, but don’t take too long about it, either!
With the vibration of 23/5, the themes of balance, discrimination, and choice are highlighted. Quick decisions can be made today, you suddenly see the light! Contracts can be agreed quickly, all for real mutual benefit, there is a very clear and protective energy about 23/5. The King of Wands is the 23rd tarot card, he sits firmly on the 4 corners of manifestation, grounded, while looking to the future, changing his point of view. The salamander staff of fire he holds shows that he wields his creativity with clarity and impact.