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Monday, February 11, 2013

72 - 72 Names of God

Pronunciation: Mem Vav Mem
Purpose: Spiritual cleansing (improves negotiations)
Meditation: By meditating on these letters, I push the "REWIND" and  "ERASE" on my spiritual video. I am purified in my present life by correcting my transgressions from my lives in the past. I can also use this Name to purify my physical environment from spiritual impurities. I am cleansing my soul.  By concentrating on this Name, I am purifying iniquities from previous lives.  If sickness, heartache, financial woes or other problems should arise, I will use this Name to cleanse impure actions from the past that still cling to me.  As I allow the Light to envelope my physical and spiritual realms, I am freed from the burdens of prior incarnations.