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Sunday, January 20, 2013

You ARE the Blueprint: Let Go and Be You!

This channel is seeking guidance about the meaning-fog that many are experiencing at this time, and integration support.  May this transmission empower your conscious participation as well as simultaneously give your body elemental support with integration and recalibration.
As empowered by you, I am working with your soul presence, along with the Council of Light and a whole host of others--depending on your unique lineage--in transmitting the support and information so that you may embody your new functions. Many of you chose to have different functions activated upon the completion of the transition to the new paradigm for Gaia, and the shift to the New Earth being complete.  Now in this landscape, these functions are being transmitted and activated. This is no small feat!
As a result many of you find yourself in what this channel has called rightly--an existential meaning-fog! Uncertain what to do, how to proceed, and feeling a sense of apathy that typically arises when one is not actively flowing, or creating from the essence of their function. Thus disconnected from the aliveness of meaning in a day to day way. Depression can result from this. Do not be alarmed by this experience, but do recognize it for what it is: a void experience in which you are recalibrating to your own evolving physical newness and the re-animation of functions long dormant yet coded for the energetics of this time.
The reality in which you are positioned is also changing and this ongoing dynamic will continue at a pitch for some time. It is important for you to find meaningful ways to spend your focus, your energy and your days--meaningful to you. Choose accordingly and allow yourself to create this meaning as it gives you joy. Many will find that it will support you if you allow yourself to create beauty and joy, to express love, to see the Unity in one another and in your shared and diverse experiences and to allow yourself the nourishing activities that you know by now which support your body elemental while integrating light and structure in a new way to be a priority in the way your structure your day.
It is important that you realize that even your approach to this time is helpful in creating and establishing the New Direction for the New Reality. This is the activity, the theme if you will that is happening in terms of the leading edge of life on Earth--energy is seeking information that gives it structure, definition and form.
This is happening because there has been great release in recent times on Earth and there has been an enormous increase in available energy for creation. All of this has resulted in an a amplified potential present on your planet and within your own human energy system and this energy craves, if you will, direction.
As I have mentioned in the past it will help you to have ease if you allow yourself to choose more. Don't be concerned with how long term your choices will be in alignment, let your alignment revise moment to moment. Yield to the fluidity of your nature.  Creativity is responsive! It flows and animates from life itself and Source Creation is in ultimate alignment with Earth as you reside in a trajectory through the galactic center, so be available to the love that arises within you moment to moment as desire for experience, expression, revision and even nothingness.  Let life take shape as it is refracted as energy through the heart and will of your beautiful and perfect human presence.
The Continuum of Your Being shines forth into this domain through the human energy system you are and the inspiration that you receive. Allow yourself to embrace this "energetic pass" from Source Creation and run with it!  Go as far and with as much joy as you can. Do not be discouraged when you fall down, get knocked down, lose interest or are too tired to continue. Then? Enjoy being down. Laugh about it when you're able. Get up again.  Open your heart to receive the metaphoric pass, the ball and once again--go for it!
It is this innocent, playful enthusiasm which is "pressing" upon you. When you over-think, are overly-cautious and do not let yourself do whatever feels right, you get in the way of this, which is resistance and which makes you tired, achy, cranky, etc.
Recognize these feelings for what they are: signs you are out of alignment with yourself in this present moment, nothing more. Don't make big meaning out of these things. Come into self-harmony and find your peace and joy. Do that which gives you relief, which gives you peace, which feels right, which feels good.  Stop analyzing. Realize it will be fluid and consistency is over-rated. Realize you are diverse and so it will not necessarily make sense to others or even to your rational mind, what you are assembling with the accumulation of your being.
Ha!  Isn't this great? You don't have to think through and re-create each step of the blueprint to make things work: YOU ARE THE BLUEPRINT. So just let yourself be and let things take shape out of your presence and out of the intrinsic unity you are.  Follow your heart dear ones, it's your reliable compass, ever re-orienting to the changing landscape.
Your presence composes life.
Let go and be you.
I AM Archangel Michael