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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Today is a magical day!! Happy Birthday@OprahWinFrey and many more!!! We continue to recognize excellence in 2013!words cannot describe what a great example of an evolving human being you are for the entire human race.  Thank you for loving humanity  so much, and making sure that your work and passion empowers the human heart instead of diminishing it and creating more fear. We really appreciate the fact that money, fame, and  power has not derailed you from making a  benevolent difference through the entertainment industry.  Thank you for loving yourself more and not allowing criticism, competition and hate dim your light. Thank you for not hoarding wealth and instead expanding it so that others can live their bliss too. Thank you for not giving up on the reality that being good, kind and compassionate is not being naive, or weak. Thank you for having the courage to believe that our race will evolve into the most peaceful loving race in our universe!!! Thank you for believing that world peace and equality is possible. Thank you for living within your bliss!!! You seem to Love mother earth very much!!! Mother earth loves you very much!We love you very much! Thank you for everything!