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Monday, January 7, 2013

The Ascended Masters: Your Growth and Learning will be Everlasting

107 small-Channeled through Wes Annac-
Imagine and feel that you are Creating the grandest of change that can be Created in your increasingly-evolving third dimensional reality. Imagine and know that this change is being Created by each of you in your own unique ways, and imagine that what you are doing now is to greatly impact the Lives of every dear soul on Earth.
We have wished for you dear souls to know that what you are doing is setting the stage for the events that will bring about planetary abundance among so many other things, and we focus on this element specifically because we wish to make known that you are contributing to the Lighted energies helping to bring about abundance on your world.
Humanity as a whole is recalibrating and readjusting to a continually-pure state of consciousness and the increased inner-cognitive senses many of you will begin to find, will be among the many things showing you that you are working toward something real. Indeed, the validations that are simply too real to disbelieve will make their way to you and if you make the efforts to attune to such things as much as possible, you will increase your ability to perceive them in a quicker and realer manner.
Everything happening at present entails a continual readjusting to increasingly-pure states of consciousness as you begin the quite rapid travel through the realms of the fourth dimension.
For those of you who may be wondering; you have indeed began your ventures within the fourth dimension as a collective and while much of your collective is indeed still anchored in dimensions lower than and matched with the third, the actions of the Lightworker collective in holding the Light and anchoring the pure vibrations of Source unto your world is having a massive influence on the collective energies and is allowing Gaia’s planetary collective to begin your surface travels through the realms of the fourth dimension.
Many of you have been learning fourth dimensional lessons for some time, and those of you who have already been able to Master the lessons of compassion, understanding and the need to avoid self-martyrdom will handle the coming weeks and months quite gracefully as you will find yourselves breezing through repeated lessons that are only being repeated within you because the entire collective is (and will be) experiencing such fourth dimensional lessons.
Your resolve and ability to remain centered will indeed be tested, and we mean this for all of you. Every last bit of you will be and have already been undergoing the necessary testing that truly displays to you if you are ready to embrace ascension and your continually-unfolding reality if the external circumstances do not always seem pertinent to do so.
You are indeed being given the choice of how much faith and involvement you place in your ascension from here on out and many of you are passing these tests with much ease, while others are finding considerably-more difficulty.
It was anticipated that the Lightworker energy could take a dive after the 21st period because of the nature of change expected and the nature of inner-change delivered but not felt by all, and we wish you all to know that the brazen manifestations many of you have looked toward are completely within your sphere of ability to pull into your personal vibrations and manifest.
The collective, mass energies are required to move something along in a much more grand manner, but you can all begin to radiate your personal vibrations toward the disclosure of your Galactic brethren’s existence and presence on your world as well as a plethora of other things, such as abundance being delivered to your entire world and the wealth being restored to its proper owners; each and every citizen of your Earth.
There is so much good to look forward to and you all have the ability to attract such good to yourselves, which is why we ask you to do so as a collective. Collectively mediate on the initiating of disclosure, the giving of abundance to your world and your collective finding ascension.
Truly feel and radiate your vibrations toward everything you have worked for, for you are the prominent Creators and experiencers of your reality and your personal (and collective) vibrations determine more than anything else, what is to happen on the surface of your world.
We continue to reiterate that your ascension and the events to come with your ascension are and have always been assured, but we must still ask you to continue to make your effort to attune to the fifth dimensional reality many of you can begin to feel, because there is so much for you to witness and experience and you are just at the beginning of your journeys.
Indeed, from an Earthly standpoint you are at the end of a long journey within the lower dimensions, but you now begin the most exciting and incredible part of your Earth journeys which is, of course, bringing-forth Light and change on a mass level on the surface of the Earth for every single soul on your beautiful, pre-Galactic planet to benefit from.
Can you dear souls believe that your actions are affecting the Lives of everyone on your world?
This is truly so and this is why we ask you all to continue to place the importance in your ascension processes that many of you placed before the 21st alignment came and went.
We ask you to remain as focused and excited for the manifestation of wonderful ascension-related events in your Lives as you were before this timeframe for indeed, you still have many more dates and timeframes to pass through that, while not solely important or crucial to the manifestation of brazen or bold events and should not be looked toward in such a manner, will still serve to greatly benefit those who have continued in their inner-search and found an attunement to your ascension energies.
There are so many things we can feel you dear souls wondering about, and we wish to calm your fears, apprehensions or anxieties and remind you that everything is, has always been and will always be okay. Yes, there is still mass separation and hatred manifested on your world on a day to day basis, but you would be surprised to learn of the dissolving influence of such lower energies even right now.
While they are still manifested on a massive level in your current moment, more and more Earthly souls are responding to the continual work that the higher realms have been doing on their evolving bodies and spirits and they are finding the personal revelations and inspirations from spirit that are seeing them change their lifestyles into ones that match the happiness and wholeness they wish to feel in their Lives.
Please know, dearest Lightworker collective, that your actions are greatly benefitting the Lives of every Earthly soul and you are helping everyone to begin adjusting to and assimilating while benefitting from, the energies being delivered to your world at present in increasing purity.
There are so many beings doing all that they can to continually increase the purity of energies Creating your reality, as there is much going on within the realms past your conscious perception. Everything is being rebuilt and reformatted on an energetic level, to fit the expanded and evolved environment you will soon all exist within more fully and purely again.
There is oh-so much going on and we wish we could detail every last bit of the progress that has been made since the alignment of the 21st but for this current moment, we can only ask you dear souls to prepare yourselves for all that is to happen because as you can see, events have taken quite a long amount of your time to manifest and are reaching the point wherein they simply cannot be stalled any longer.
Yes, this has been said before and there have been many instances wherein the Company of Heaven has chosen to step back on matters for necessary reasons, and this is why we continue to implore you dear souls to Create as much positive and Lighted change as you can in your internal and external realties, because our actions are based on your choices and experiences whilst on Earth.
Everything you do or express toward others is fed to your collective consciousness in the form of a specific energy, and the general energy given out by your entire Earth collective in each moment determines the ability of the Light energies to match such energies and soak-into your collective conscious and subconscious, benefitting you all.
When negative actions, emotions or choices are fed into this matrix of consciousness, the Light energies are filtered and restricted from coming through and we are thus, unable to work with a landscape that is too dense for our intervention.
As you’ve heard, we [as well as the Galactics] cannot interfere with your freewill and we have no desire to do so, which is why so many Lightworkers and starseeds have incarnated unto your Earth to feed the collective of your world the most positive and harmonious of energies possible; to help give the Light energies a way through to your collective consciousness so that the Earth collective can be initiated into the pure states of consciousness your beginning Age of Aquarius is to call for.
You have so much awaiting you and yet, for some of you the spiritual road could not seem bleaker as you perceive yourselves as being duped or fooled into thinking something grand would happen, one too many times.
We understand that some may not feel comforted by our requests to keep the faith and hold strong to your vision, but as you are Creating your individual and collective experience in every single moment and your Creation determines our ability to intervene and assist, we are asking as many of you as possible to do so and the importance of your positive and Lighted energies simply cannot be overstated.
Everything that you have heard about is real, dear souls. We know that you can feel this and we know that you know this. To those who have attuned, nearly endless validations have been given and we can personally attest to meting so many of you in your dreamscape, during interactions that you may not likely remember because of your non-lucid state of perception during such moments.
There is so much Divine interaction taking place beyond the realms of your conscious perception, with us and you all and the Lighted change you are Creating even while your bodies lay sleeping and you hold meetings with us, your Galactic brethren and a plethora other souls and collectives, is indeed enormously-pure in scope.
There are so many important manifestations riding on your ability to stay positive and centered, as you are all literally forming bridges and holding open portals for the energies of the higher realms to come through yourselves.
While some of you are experiencing a final surfacing of doubt and fear in yourselves, others are benefitting greatly from your ascension energies and those of you who are benefitting could help greatly in consoling those who feel as if the higher realms, the Universe, we Ascended Masters or their personal guides have somehow abandoned them or left them, as they perceive of their ascension having not happened.
We are absolutely here for you dear souls and we will continue to make our presence known to you, in the form of synchronicities and many other things we will do to attempt to get your attention. As always, pay attention to the messages of spirit because there are so many ways we can get ahold of you, and some of them may indeed surprise you.
We wish to make our presence more personally known to each of you who feel as if you are cut off from the higher realms or as if the higher realms have abandoned you, because you have so much good to look forward to and as has been expressed, you are and have been in the home stretch, viewing the landscape of your fifth dimensional Eden whilst knowing your role of holding the space and helping the entire Lightworker collective to evolve before then finding your own heroic evolution back to the realms of the fifth dimension.
And oh, don’t even get us started on the wonders that lay beyond the fifth dimension.
Your processes are to continual eternally, and your growth and learning will be everlasting from the fifth dimension. You will experience lessons, growing and learning that will ready you for even purer sub-planes, planes and dimensions of consciousness and each dimension you experience will offer unique challenges, lessons and frames of perception.
Everything you experience will serve to show you aspects of yourselves that have been forgotten as you traversed the lower dimensions, and you are to find that you are and have always been the Creator in an increasingly-distorted form with each lower dimension you had fallen to in an attempt to traverse such dimensions.
You have all traversed the lower realms with a heroic might that you are strongly looked upon for, and we personally thank you for your efforts up to this point and for the efforts you don’t yet know you will be making in the time ahead. You are so important to Earth’s ascension, dear souls, and we wish for you to know this with every bit of yourselves for if your power is given away, you cannot experience the enlightened perspectives that show you the reality and awesomeness of the developing higher realms in yourselves.
You can all begin to channel the energies of your rapidly-developing fifth dimensional New Earth and we encourage you do so, for there is so much wonderful vibration and energy for you to attune to and find within yourselves and every last bit of it is happily and graciously awaiting your realization of it and its presence within and around you.
The brimming vibrations of Source are expressed in a very pure yet still distorted manner in the realms of the fifth dimension, as the purest energies of Love and Light are as well considered the purest of “distortions” and the building-blocks of your realities.
Your reality is a moldable and changeable energy that so many der souls have begun to learn to work with to help bring about the best intended results and experiences they seek, and we say that your Life path will garner in you, the understanding of working with your reality and finding for yourselves, the situations and experiences you desire.
You will be led increasingly with the events that manifest in your Lives, to take control of your Life paths and begin to Create for yourselves that which you truly desire, and some of you can perhaps notice these very catalysts playing-out for some around you at present. Every one of you are being led toward the revelations and epiphanies in yourselves that show you your ability to find happiness and wholeness in your Lives, rather than continue to put up with the same old limitations or distortions you had previously allowed to form the basis of your conscious experience.
You’re now being given the full opportunity to turn away from and transmute the lower and dissatisfying aspects of your Lives as they stand at present, because you dear souls have wanted the realms of the fifth dimension and you must first receive them in yourselves. The unawakened Earth collective who cannot yet feel these energies will be able to [receive them] because of your actions in anchoring them and holding the space for them to come forth.
As you hold this space, you will continue to realize that your own reality is refining and you will increasingly see matters playing out in your Lives from a different vantage point, a different perspective. You will begin to feel the hollowness of many aspects of your reality that have been fed up until this point, and many of you may find yourselves seeming to drastically change the ways you have Lived or the direction your Lives have been heading in, in favor of a reintegration into a more fulfilled and happy state of being.
One cannot ascend if one is still trapped within self-employed limitations and we can only do so much to help you realize such limitations as sometimes, even pointing out a limitation or employed density to an Earth soul can be considered a violation of their freewill-ordained right to believe that what they are doing is not harmful to their Life paths.
Humanity is feeding as a collective, the very same dense and negative, outdated energies in various different forms and facets. Sarcasm can be a destructive energy if used in a destructive way, and humor specifically has been distorted to a certain extent on your world. There is indeed humor in the higher realms, and you will occasionally find even one of us cracking a joke or two as we do indeed Love to laugh.
We Love and radiate out naturally, anything that feels good or is of a good vibration and when we speak of humor being used for ill gains, we speak of the humor that is employed and attached to darkness which can come in the form of sarcasm or ridicule. Finding personal gain because of the misfortune of others has become rife on your world, but the pervading energies of Oneness will see humanity realizing the need to put such a distortion to an end.
Of course, it would be a generalization to claim that all of humanity is feeding the select few mechanisms we have discussed here but overall, the prevalent few energies of darkness are fed and established massively on your world at present through a plethora of different souls.
Your media continues only to reinforce the negative and keep every person attached to it in a state of illusion and separation from their Godsource, and many of you will notice the purposeful violence and lower vibrational material put forth in nearly every aspect of your mainstream media. So very many television shows have been produced, unknowingly fulfilling an agenda of filling humanity’s minds and hearts with the continual vibrations of anger, violence, lust, sarcasm and most of all, separation.
One will notice that humanity is painted in a very negative Light in the majority of movies and television shows given on your world at present, and what is currently meant to keep one from fashioning a connection with One’s Godsource will soon be utilized to bring-forth truth that all of humanity needs to be reintroduced to, so that you can properly view your Earth through a lense of knowing all that has happened.
You are taught to view a world that is only physical and that has never experienced any wonders past what physical reality teaches, but so very much has happened that if you knew about, would display to you that your world has always experienced miracles and things that the majority of people in your current society would simply write-off.
The fact that much that’s been hidden from you would be unaccepted as reality by the majority of your world at present should not faze you dear souls, because your world is to be reintroduced to the concepts that drive a higher dimensional experience and in doing so, will see that they have allowed themselves to be held back in many instances.
The choices humanity has made has contributed to holding humanity back and among the choices you can begin to make to help cleanse yourselves of the negative vibrations of illusion and lower dimensional Life, are choosing the proper nutrients to feed your ever-evolving bodies in the form of healthy food, drink and interaction with your reality.
It is important now to find the most Lighted of foods that will not serve to block up your chakras or keep you in a state of lower dimensional discomfort.
Meat production of any kind is to become a thing of the past so very soon, as you will find yourselves sustained in a different manner and less accustomed to the mindsets that would teach you to desire meat or pleasure within flavor, as you will feel constant bliss all around you and you will contribute to such bliss with your own blissful energies.
It has been discussed that you will still be able to replicate your favorite heavy foods with the technology of your Galactic brethren and with your own Creative abilities which you will learn to utilize with the assistance of Galactic technology, and it should be expressed that you will likely need or want much less for such heavy foods despite your ability to manifest them.
The fact that you will indeed be able to have them will see them lose their perceived luster that some would perhaps imagine when thinking of not being able to enjoy their favorite lower dimensional pleasures, and despite the pleasure meat can provide for some souls, it is still vastly disrespectful to and un-allowing of the freewill of the animal collective who are forced to give up their body temples; usually in very violent ways and in ways that are destructive to their souls.
These souls really do seek peace and salvation from the twisted-up energies they have felt by losing their body structure by the hand of a human being in a violent manner, and to those of you who are eating meat, we would humbly ask you to bless and thank the spirit of the animal you would be consuming before doing so.
You can send your healing energies to the animal collective as a whole and to the individual sprits of each animal who has been forced to exit their incarnation in the name of becoming food, and all of humanity will realize the need to come together with the animal and even plant kingdoms, and you will no longer utilize them for nourishment as you find all of your nourishment provided to you and by you, in ways that do not require utilizing the sacred temples of any soul.
You are all Loved so very dearly and it is hoped that we have been able to offer a glimpse into your already-unfolding New World and New Year of 2013. 2012 will forever be known as the starting-point and the rest of your experiences from here on out will continue in the intensified manner they are beginning to play-out in.
We ask you to employ hope and balance when looking toward your future, and remind you that only you can bring what you desire to yourselves.
Thank you to the Ascended Masters.