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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Takin' it to the Richmond Streets@AmazonWatch

AMAZON WATCH: We're thrilled to welcome Adam Zuckerman to the Amazon Watch team as our newest Environmental and Human Rights Campaigner. Adam will be  working to support indigenous community opposition to new oil concessions in the Western Amazon.

Adam blew us away when he rapped about Amazon Watch and Chevron's nasty legacy during his final hiring interview, it's just so good we thought we'd share it with you.Adam hit the ground running in his new role, performing that rap and speaking about Amazon Watch's Clean up Ecuador Campaign at a protest last Saturday at the Chevron refinery in Richmond. Adam brings a background in human rights advocacy to Amazon Watch. He spent years organizing with activist diaspora communities, and most recently worked in New York for American Jewish World Service, an international human rights nonprofit. Adam has also spent some time in the Ecuadorian Amazon and is eager to meet our partners and get back into the field in middle Earth.