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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday 6th January's vibration (6+1+2+0+1+3) = 13/4. The 13th card in the Tarot is the Death card,

death of the old, birth of the new. The Death card is often met with fear because we have been taught to believe that death marks the end, the final annihilation of the self. But what the Death card teaches us is that death is a transformation, and marks a turn in the cycle, a transformation into another level of being that destroys all illusion. 
We are often fearful of change and transformation: we equate death with annihilation, because our material level of perception cannot usually comprehend the realms of existence that are beyond the physical world. Yes, 13 is a very powerful vibration, and the transformation it generates can lead to the death of the old, but we forget that there is always the birth of the new. Energy never dies; it always transforms itself into something else. 
Pain only comes when we cling on to the past, the lesson of the 13 is to let go, accept and embrace the changes to come. Death is often perceived as representing chaos, and when 1 and 3 are unbalanced, chaos is something they can easily conspire to create. However, death and the vibration of 13 destroy illusion, and 13 can reveal the true cosmic order that underlies every event, even if things appear chaotic and random at the time.
The higher aspect of 13 is attainment, where there are unlimited powers for creating something of lasting value in the world. 13/4 can translate as divine expression (1), multiplying (3) to manifest physical form (4). So today’s vibe encourages you to rid yourself of any negative beliefs and influences that say you can’t. Under a 13, you will be shown that you can, as long as your align your will with the divine will, so there will naturally be a lot of soul-searching for you today. With the 13, you may feel unfamiliar to yourself, but ultimately you are shedding a skin and re-birthing yourself under this powerful transformative vibration. Be prepared to meet new people, visit new places and allow change to occur without clinging to the past, the new order is manifesting!