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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sirius Delphinus

In Memory of Jacques Mayol & Homo Delphinus. The Dolphin Within Man.A very interesting mythological story about whales and dolphins concerns a tribe in west Africa called the Dogon of Mali. The Dogon, whose culture is alive and well today, at one time lived on the southern coast of the Mediterranean. They have many religious and creation beliefs which very much involve the whales and dolphins. They have perpetuated these beliefs in their religious ceremonies and in the form of sand drawings.In their basket weavings they had 50 divisions, the reason for which is that they had quite specific knowledge of the Sirius star system which is a binary star system. They understood how Sirius B, the white dwarf, moved around the main bright star Sirius A. They used sand drawings to illustrate the orbital paths of the stars. The white dwarf Sirius B takes 50 years to complete an orbit of Sirius A. The Dogon knew this.