Saturday, January 26, 2013

New Age Of Activism Top 12 and Beyond: Barbara Hand Clow

From Hand Clow’s website: “The first dimension (1D) is the iron core crystal of Earth. The second dimension (2D) is the telluric realm below Earth's crust. The third dimension (3D) is the material world where the healer and client are working together. The fourth dimension (4D) is the realm of the human collective mind that organizes itself into archetypes. The fifth dimension (5D) is the realm of unconditional love, expressed as the open heart. The sixth dimension (6D) is the realm of morphic fields that replicate all living things in 3D. The seventh dimension (7D) is sound that generates geometrical forms, also known as the Word of God. The eighth dimension (8D) is the Divine Mind, or the mind of God. The ninth dimension (9D) is time that generates the actions of living things, which is organized by the Mayan Calendar until 2012.”