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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Living in the Light with Chris Griscom

My Dear Soul Friends,

We have made safe passage from the constriction of endings--to the widening breadth of new beginnings. We can now acknowledge to ourselves that, "we knew it," that we would continue, that there would always be a way forward. Our challenge was to conquer the voices of doom and evoke the presence of confidence within ourselves. The most dangerous threat of this last year has been the possibility that we would manifest our fears of devastation--so loudly held before us by the prophecies of old and the cultures of blood sacrifices.  Instead, we have graduated from a habit of falling prey to negative predictions, and have brought the power of light to rebalance the enter-play between light and darkness.

We can truly congratulate ourselves because a larger portion of humanity "held the light" this past year.  Through this diligence, we have ended a long cycle of darkness and have emerged into a new dawn of expanding light.  We chose this destiny ourselves and it will carry us into a future that has only now become possible, because of our choice.

We are no longer the victims of a pre-ordained destiny, nor are we the puppets of powerful forces seeking to diminish our potential.  We are, in fact, a fast evolving species that has broken the shackles of negative genetic encoding, which has entrapped us almost since our inception.  As we become aware that we are part of a conscious cosmic reality, we will be able to discern the energies that support our awakening and release or refuse those that confuse and weaken us.  War and hatred are the result of conscious darkness whose purpose is to destroy.  We can escape their clutches through our consciousness.

Let us begin a new cycle of light in which we experience our true purpose, as we synergistically create a vision of the human heart beaming across the planet and out into the universe.  The enlightened heart will alter and enhance the untold cosmic species that are not encoded with frequencies of higher emotions such as love, compassion, and collective bliss.  These energies are engrained in the essence of our human collective consciousness and we will now bring them forward.

This next year is a practicum for us to stretch into a consciousness of oneness--the highest of human potentials.  The illusions of polarity, disparity, separation and control have detained us long enough.  We are ready to invest in a future that utilizes our innate predilection to move as a unit.  Each of us must train our Emotional Body to see and support the power of light in everyone around us.  My Higher Self says, "The more powerful you are, the more powerful I can be."

Numerically, 2013 is a 6 year.The theme of 6 is health, community, and service.  By finding a way to give service to community, we will each experience a new kind of health in our beingness.  Communities and groups will change the structure of power and invent new ways of "living in the light" for everyone.  We can begin with the sense of belonging to a larger whole, one that embraces and respects all sentient beings on this earth-plane and beyond.

Imagine yourself with a full heart, reflecting like a mirror the beauty and light in everyone; a spirituality of Divine Source.  Meditate on your oneness with all beings, especially those you fear--we are all one Soul family.  Extend your light into all institutions, governments, corporations, as if you were the one pointing out the direction of evolution and higher potential.It is up to us to bring in a New Year and a New Way.  We can do it.  We know how!

I extend to you all, my Great Love and Trust in the illumination of Cosmic Light.

Chris Griscom