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Thursday, January 17, 2013

January 17, 2013 – Fiery New Love Actions Rising Up From the Depths by Azlan White

MOON is still in Fire Aries today, having moved through the cathartic SQUARES to Capricornian PLUTO and VENUS in the the middle of the night, we are opening our morning with practical creative steps and functional building blocks that feel good, as we arise with VENUS SEXTILING SATURN (exact at 8:02 am) pst (Pacific Standard Time). We can tie up loose money ends, create a platform for our art, and/or take steps to improve and refine our work.
Fire MOON SEXTILE action MARS, this evening, at 6:27 pm, pst, gives us a charge of energy with which to burn through limitations with the light of elevated perception, build muscle internally and externally, and allow movement & action to serve us.
Late tonight, at 12:56 am, pst, MERCURY CONJUNCTS the SUN, for a MERCURY/SUN New or Birth Point. We are filled with light in the realm of mind and communications. Astrologers call this ‘combust’ the SUN.  This combustion can be explosive or over-light, and it can be just what we need to finish a book, make a mental transition, or go the breakthrough distance. This point also marks a cycle shift in the SUN/MERCURY cycle. We are having a New Birth of the mind. Mercury zooms ahead until reaching Pisces, at which point, we’ll have a Retrograde MERCURY MYSTERY TIME for 3 weeks in end of February, early March. This conjunction, tonight is a kind of New Beginning of MERCURY’s journey ahead. (our inner communications, perceiver and thinker is renewing today). There is NEW LIGHT pouring into our minds.
May our actions be alive with NEW LIGHT, our minds ready for new thought, and our hearts ready for new expression.