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Friday, January 4, 2013

Awakening The Human Angels: The Holy Grails

The various legends of the Holy Grail have common threads.  The Holy Grail is the receptacle of Divine Grace.  The Seeker must demonstrate spirituality, humility and a pure heart.
The Legend of the Holy Grail is an analogy for the Awakening of the Angelic Human.
The Angelic Human is a receptacle to hold Divine Grace.  The Awakening is the anointing with Pure Sanctified Light to aid Humanity.  The Quest is to reflect below all the light received from the plan above.
The activation of the Starseeds is designed to prepare those special souls to receive the permanent ever-expanding energy of Creation in their physical bodies and to be the receptacles of this Love, enabling them to expand and irradiate this Love further out in the time and space continuum.
The real function of the awakening of the Soul Purpose in the Star-Seeded Souls is to bring into consciousness the vast possibilities of Human existence and the potential of ancient cosmic wisdom and knowledge not yet brought into manifestation in this plane of existence.
This progression is made possible through the internal process of purification and a truthful personal vow of Service.