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Thursday, January 10, 2013

58 - 72 Names of God

Pronunciation: Yud Yud Lamed
Purpose: Letting go (drawing down the light to do battle for me)
Meditation: I am no longer a prisoner of my past - past regrets, earlier traumas, pain and suffering. I believe in miracles and in enjoyment of everything. Period.
I let go of…fear, insecurity, that old broken relationship. I get rid of it all. I am letting go of past pain, regret, trauma. All of it. If there is a particular theme or moment that I keep coming back to, I picture it in my mind. As I do this meditation, I go back to that moment, then reverse it, and plant a new seed.  I release past emotions that are dragging me down, replacing old baggage with Light and love. I look forward, not back.