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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

We welcome the Return of the Bird Tribe: by Feathers the Dawn and New Age of activism Top 12 and beyond Dan winter

The most profound understanding of 'the Birdtribes' involves a grasp of the holographic, fractal and unified nature of existence. To understand any particular phenomena in Creation, shamanic traditions advise us to 'look to the form' : what do the birds of our exquisite natural world - our greater self - offer the imagination? The exhilarating freedom of air-borne flight, the expanded vision afforded by great heights, an attunement to the rhythms of nature as they greet the dawn and eventide, and surely the peace and harmony of Song. As such, 'the Birdtribes' fundamentally represent a metaphor for the higher impulses, the wider visions and the upliftment and freedom of the spiritual life.
Shifting the lens to the world of differentiation or individuation, the metaphor of 'the Birdtribes' is also evoked in reference to angels, starseeds, benevolent interdimensional entities, divine and timely messengers.
1Bird Tribes throughout history -
Both interpretations of the Bird Tribes - that is, of divine inspiration and benevolent individuated entity - are featured in the iconography of virtually every Indigenous, religious and/or folk tradition.
They are variously portrayed as an actual bird (like the dove in Christianity representing the descent of the Holy Spirit) or as human-like beings with wings (e.g., angels and mytho-historic figures such as Isis and Inanna) or bird heads (e.g., the Ibis-headed Thoth and hawk-headed Horus).
Animistic and shamanic traditions the world over - from Ancient Greece and Rome to Africa and Native America - observe the appearance and movements of birds as portents - whether good or ill. This attentiveness to (one could say) the 'sentient hologram' has permeated the human noosphere. It is displayed in the etymology of words such as 'auspicious' - from the Greek 'auspicum' meaning the portentous direction of a bird's flight.
For many, as mentioned above, the concept of 'the Birdtribes' also embraces the inter-galactic and interdimensional beings or 'starseeds' who came to Earth so as to promote positive advancement in the human evolutionary process. Classical references to these evolution-inspiring beings are often mis-translated as 'gods' - even though, for example, according to researcher Snitzchen, the Sumerian term for these teachers was apparently 'annunaki' - meaning 'those who from Heaven came to Earth'. Remembering that ancient Sumer was an early phase of the Mesopotamian 'cradle of Western civilization', it is edifying that ancient Sumerian texts repeatedly affirm, "All that we know we were taught by the gods".
As a Greek philosopher remarked,"The gods did not reveal all to human beings - but humans, as they apply themselves, learn more".
The Ken Carey book, 'Return of the Birdtribes' - which constitutes a fundamental source of inspiration for this site - represents 'the Birdtribes' as the higher dimensional aspects of Being, including our selves. There seems to be a clear link between Carey's suggestion of the imminent "Return of the Birdtribes' and the 'end of waiting' invoked by the Hopi Elders who counseled ~
"We are the Ones we've been waiting for". 

This section was kindly written for us by Dan Winter. As he notes - this is just a very quick overview of a deep subject. You can find much more information on the websites linked below.
When Ken Carey originally sent me his manuscript for his later publication "Return of the Bird Tribes" we were already leading ritual with the Iroquois and Seneca groups (like Twyla Nitsch) in the Eagle (bird tribe) star map of Pennsylvania. 

( ) Only later did we learn that the Iroquois name BirdTribe - for the ancestry of their PeaceMaker- (whom we later learn is identical with the Quetzalcoatl myth - whom we later learned is functionally identical to Hermes / Nigishidda) - was functionally identical to: the Cherokee- star elder ADAWI * the aboriginal - VALNAAPA * the Christian - OPHANIM * the Andromedan - PAA TAAL (the origin of the Egyptian royal PTAH line) * even the Kiliman term KILIMANJARO which while functionally a term for ENKI (Father of Hermes / Ningishidda) - probably more accurately refers to his blood line: BIRDTRIBE.

This note - being limited can be mostly only a reference to already existing articles:
Ophanim Enochian alphabet as BIRD TRIBE:

The history is simple - the genetic problem of our Annunaki and other ET ancestors can be summed up quite simply: they lost the skill to charge ignite blood / DNA with bliss. When DNA is in fact ignited with the fractal ambient charge generated by BLISS - it braids recursively to the point of implosion (and pelastration). At that point it phase conjugates and begins to make its own significant gravity field and local black hole. The academic articles with evidence (Peter Gariev, Russia) - linked at (good film there on this).
See how the alphabet structures - like the South America Chacana - of ALL these cultures - are simply the permissive hypercubic charge entry angles to allow DNA to be fed (& imploded / phase conjugating - with charge). This is particularly true of the OPHANIM ENOCHIAN alphabet later called BIRD TRIBE (note in the link /Orion above - how this became the movie STARGATE). Alphabets are the symmetry of charge residues- from lightning - in the way DNA is ignited with bliss. See Los Alamos physicists prove plasma symmetries from DNA triggering solarwind become alphabets on most EVERY ancient petrogylph carving -

The point is that ( as the Russian scientist correctly explains) PHASE CONJUGATION is the optical and broad spectral mechanism which allows DNA to make these measurable black holes (gravity- see links). The term for these opposing cones -opposite phase conjugating optical helix with empowered DNA- is YOD and VAU.  Thus the term Yalweh - (Yod He Vau He) used to describe both Enlil/Yalweh/Amun -AND  Krishna -are actually names for the electrical condition of phase conjugating blood - sometimes equated with 'being God'.
Those two opposing cones - (triangles) are the flag of Israel and Alpha Draconis (Dragonish - in part for this reason.
If we take the top down view of DNA which IS successfully and implosively phase conjugating (and bliss ignited)- we see that the angles at which charge emerges LOOKS LIKE WINGS!
Bird Tribes small
This then animates to be the holy grail in blood ( animation at )
So in this sense - a WINGMAKER (in the sense of ) is one who knows the skill to charge ignite blood. The DNA in blood and the physics of bliss measurement are both entirely based on charge attractive FRACTALITY for this reason.
Graphics and Esoteric History by Dan Winter.
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