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Sunday, December 16, 2012

"True knowledge consists in a direct recognition of TRUTH, and is taught by nature herself." by Dr. George W Carrey

"All the powers of the universe are contained 
 in man, and man's physical body and all his organs 
are nothing else but products and representatives of the 
powers of nature. What is the human body but a con- 
stellation of the same powers that formed the stars in the 
sky? He who knows what Iron is, knows the attributes 
of Mars. He who knows Mars, knows the qualities of 
iron. What would become of your heart if there were 
no sun in the universe? To grasp the invisible elements, 
to attract them by their material correspondences, 

to control, purify and transform them by the living power of 
the Spirit this is true alchemy." 

"Faith is a luminous star that leads the honest seeker 
into the mysteries of nature. You must seek your point 
of gravity with God within you('Seek ye first the Kingdom of God') 
and put your trust into an honest, divine, sincere, pure 
and strong faith, and cling to it with your whole heart, 
soul, sense and thought, full of love and confidence. If 
you have such a faith, God will not withhold his Truth 
from you, but He will reveal His works to you, credibly, 
visibly and consolingly. This means that by the power of 
God acting within you and opening your own inner senses, 
God will reveal His works within yourself; so that His 
wisdom being born within, you may recognize through 
you, and you with it, the truth in all nature." 

"Nature is the universal Mother of all and, if you are 
in harmony with her, if the mirror of your mind has not 
been made blind by the cobwebs of speculations and mis- 
conceptions and erroneous theories she will hold up before 
you a mirror in which you will see the truth. But he who 
is not true to himself will not see the truth as it is taught 
by nature, and it is far easier to study a number of books 
and to learn by heart a number of scientific theories than 
to ennoble ones own character to such an extent as to enter 
into perfect harmony with nature and be able to see the