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Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Little Dragonette and the Magical Door

hile the kittens in the distance were busy with backlash and judgement, with hate and fear, the young dragonette kept working on her dream. She knew that it was a vision shared in everyone’s heart, even if hardly anyone else remembered–and sometimes when they did they would become angry with her, as if she was the one responsible for getting them in the situation they were in. Over time, she chose to only open up and show her true dragon nature to those kittens with a meek sort of fire in the eyes that she had learned to trust.
Meanwhile, fiery kitten tongues spit at her and their claws scratched her across virtual and digital worlds. The more righteous they felt the stronger the fire and determination to find the Magical Door became.
It was difficult to keep her promise but if it had to be like this, so be it!
The dragonette was not about to give up now!
While sad that most kittens could not see they could be spending their time so much better instead of focusing their pain and ridicule on her and those like her–and most could not even see that this is what they were doing–soon she and her friends manifested the very thing that would help the others as she always promised she would. A Door that could not be witnessed until Now appeared in front of everyone everywhere and everywhen and they all could see!
It was the Door of their Dreams and only now did they fully remember that it had been there all the time, just out of reach. They remembered the many conversations, playtimes and hugs & kisses between themselves and the dragonette that happened while they were sleeping.
The kittens realised that all they had spent their energy on was stabbing the little dragon and those like her in the back, and yet it had not stopped her from remembering and rebuilding a dream that would help them all. They now realised that there had been many layers in front of the Door that made it impossible for them to see clearly; layers that the little dragon’s eyes could detect but a cat’s eyes could not. Their tongues soon grew silent as their hearts started to warm up once again. Knives and archetypes disappeared as though they had never existed, hazy mirages vanished without a trace, and Sisterhood returned to all.
That day as everyone walked through the Door they became Doorkeepers for a million million other places. Everyone kitten became a little dragon at heart, and even though the dragonette had spent over ten thousand years with the kittens… her only regret was that she still had not learned how to purr.
That skittish art, she decided, she would save for her next adventure.”
QY ♥ 11:11:2012
Coming Soon: “The Little Dragonette & the Masterful Storm”