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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Stare Mother - Nature IS a temple and LIFE Is Faith and so it is

So the TimeTraveller is a symmetrical projection of the fourth dimensional cube into three dimensional space - what would be the equivalent projection of a fifth dimensional cube into three dimensional space ? We're glad you asked :-)
Here's a rough diagram of it. The vertexes are color coded for to give an indication of 3d depth. (Red at the front to yellow to green to cyan to the gray dot at the back.) Remember that once again that to be accurate all the lines have to be the same length. 

"You amuse me, I said, with your obvious fear that the public will disapprove if the subjects you prescribe don't seem useful. But it is in fact no easy matter, but very difficult for people to believe that there is a faculty in the mind of each of us which these studies purify and rekindle after it has been ruined and blinded by other pursuits, though it is more worth preserving than any eye since it is the only organ by which we perceive the truth. Those who agree with us will give your proposals unqualified approval, but those who are quite unaware of it will probably think you are talking nonsense, as they won't see what other benefit is to be expected from such studies" Plato (circa 500 BC)