Thursday, December 27, 2012

Shechinah-Esh - DNA Layer Nine

Kryon's interpretation:
"The Flame of Expansion"
Kryon indicated that this layer is the one
affiliated with the energy of St. Germain's
"Violet Flame."

Layer Nine is the "healing layer, also Lemurian, but very Human (not Pleiadeian). It is the one that is responsible for miraculous healing, and is the antenna of DNA in an interdimensional way, that "talks" to layer one and provides a 4D response to the Human body (healing). It is also represented by the Violet Flame, of St. Germain. Some call it "Intelligent Human Cell activation." It "listens" for harmony, according to Kryon, to activate healing.
Layer Nine is part of the third group of three layers, which are the "LEMURIAN GROUP" (7-8-9)

Shechinah-Esh - DNA Layer Nine click here to hear it