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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

New Age Of Activism Top 12 and Beyond: Beth Fortman -Brand

Beth Fortman-Brand is a Transformational Intuitive Facilitator (T.I.F.) for personal and corporate clients nationwide. For almost 25 years, Beth has designed and conducted numerous workshops and seminars in public and corporate arenas. The purpose of these workshops are to teach how to develop and successfully apply a variety of skills required for building and maintaining healthy relationships both personally and professionally. Not only is Beth engaging, dynamic, and witty, she is an expert in the “How-to” of living a successful lifestyle and creating healthy relationships.
Beth’s “Medium”-like intuition provides her with the ability to see the truth in anybody’s “story”, thereby expediting the healing process. Beth is highly skilled in assisting others in learning to think, feel, and act from their heart instead of their head. Thinking, feeling and acting from the heart is how we experience healthy, loving relationships. Often people unconsciously react in their lives from fear or limitations of the mind creating drama and chaos. Beth guides them to conscious choosing from love rather than fear thereby allowing the unlimited possibilities of their higher, intuitive selves.
Beth received her B.S. degree in Sociology from UCLA in 1986 with an emphasis on social programs, social policies, and psychology. She has studied and taught behavioral science and the dynamics of personal relationships extensively for the past 30 years.
Since 1986, Beth has been a successful financial consultant and business owner. Beth was recognized in “Who’s Who in Top Female Executives” in 1989. In 1979-1986 Beth taught cooperation workshops for teachers while teaching students at the secondary level for the Los Angeles Unified School District.
Beth is an extraordinary communicator. She has a natural ability to connect with individuals and groups of all ages and diverse backgrounds. Therefore, Beth is able to teach anyone, who is willing, how to have successful loving relationships.
Beth’s highly intuitive skills, intriguing career and life transitions have led her to share her transformational experiences for the benefit of others. Beth’s book The Power of Love, Living from Our Hearts (currently available in over 25,000 bookstores) provides effective tools and valuable information for transformation - teaching how to experience a life filled with amazing love, total peace, and great joy.
Since 1995, Beth has been a consultant/advisor to Life Coaches, attorneys, financial consultants, and personnel (including top executives) of major insurance companies such as AIG, Allstate, Aviva, Travelers, Safeco, GE Cap., CNA, and Pacific Life. She is credited for being extremely instrumental in the rapid success of Medivest Benefit Advisors. Beth coaches/advises executives in the movie and television industry nationally, as well. Beth is also the Executive Producer of “Power Of Love Productions” and CEO of “” an on-line store assisting children's charities.

Beth has appeared in, co-written and co-produced; Over 20 self-help, spiritually inspiring videos, and a documentary called “LOVE” addressing the legalization of same-sex marriage. She has also been working on projects that provide a bridge between the mainstream community and the LGBT Community through the creation of anti-bullying and inspirational video’s and the online portal WeHo Knights Television.

Beth has co-written a screenplay called “Power Of Love” and is currently working on the pre-production process as well as co-writing her second book.

Beth lives in Wood Ranch, California with her loving husband, Doug Brand.