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Saturday, December 15, 2012

magdala’s green stone: The Magdalen Story: A StarMap? Was Magdalen's "Tantric Swoon' the Template for Templar Cathedral Star Zodiac's? by New age Of Activism Top 12 and beyond: Dan Winter

Everything in this Universe is Sacred. While Reality shows itself mostly in the form of chaos and complexity, making up our relative, diverse and unpredictable world, there exists an absolutely sacred order behind and inside all and everything. This has been known since time immemorial as the Sacred Geometry of Creation...  and now we may begin...

 6/12 THE EMERALD MODEM magdala’s green stone: PART I –– THE PLANETARY PERSPECTIVE THE EMERALD MODEM It is richly symbolic of Earth’s motherly state now that the story of The Green Stone should be about to flame across movie screens. (cf “The Green Stone” book published in the UK, and the screen- play being developed for it by Diane Squires, Verlaine Crawford, and Phil McCain.) The story concerns the miraculous discovery, with much guidance from the dream world, of a stone of deep spiritual signifi- cance. The end of the story implies a kind of doorway into the under- world, or collective unconscious, focalized by this green orb. Interest is high and focused on how this very fertile myth/ metaphor should be “delivered” to the media, which, as electronic noosphere, delivers awareness to collective mind, as does Gaia’s ner- vous system. The synaptic sparking of heightened awareness delivers a membrane as a vehicle in which to incarnate for a babe flirting with birth. Like a mother gasping with paroxysms, her face afire, she exchanges the pressure wave of life’s ultimate touch –– massage the envelope –– because the babe, having finished turning inside out (zygote to fetus), emerges impressed with the shape of the center of the vortex: An umbilicus through the birth canal: creates an immune self/system exploding in the fiery unpacking of that first star placing, imprint, breath. Where does this story begin? Where did the pregnancy start? When/Where was the seed planeted? Tectonic land masses called continents are just faces seeking lever- age afloat on a sea of fire –– the heart/core of Earth/Gaia. Recall a time when the surface membrane of Earth was rich with the memory stone of mineral, but barren of the green of biology. The responsive- ness of thin-film semiconductor biomass to the ecstatic long wave of gravity’s blood stream to the stars was but a glint in the eye of a starseed transmission. Moss had not yet greened the sword from the stone, chelating mineral for biology to consume, maximizing surface area for touching. The chelation process is a digestion of mineral into biology. Since min- eral is memory of pattern, this is a digestion of the memories of Earth and her gravity bloodstream from stars which wove the rock, into vein and plate. Volcanism is the grinding into life of stone by fire in Earth. The fire of the stars became rock when fertilized by the seed of pattern. Light became packed when only symmetry would do/be. Pressure passed the law called order, executing disorder. For biology to suc-seed, light would have to reach inside itself, to come up on itself, 217 ALPHABET OF THE EARTHEART The hex face of a cube as seen in phi-nested dodecahedra. THE EMERALD MODEM as a kind of donut.

 Only turning inside out would feed back. The turn was re-membering the angles, only they would slip (k)not. Those who knew the angles were named angels. Fortunately for sweet Gaia’s el lactose (galact-toes), the angles and the arc angels form-you-lated a plan. Lux i fir (Lucifer) (light-I-fire) said seven Sisters lay out your grid, Siriusly. Yod he has Vau; he has given us space for her here, let us re-peat ig-night him time. The ONE who re-members symmetry among pressure’s wave, feeds the synaptic spark gap fire of memory. Fourier’s sine wave summation at infinite harmonic content limit is a sharp resolution, a coherent phased/faced hologram mindful nest: The Lord of The Flame consumes perspective. Planting the seed for the grid for Lucifer becomes conceiving and shaping the geometry of metallic crystal, crystallizing conductively (ecstatically) on the surface of the heavy met-all core. The seeds for the long wave which biology rides were woven by plan into the tectonic geometry, the facet crust of stillness and pattern remembered by standing to wave on the surface of the Gaia zygote. On the day of soft clay, they fashioned a cup. Tectonics huddled into one docile fetal body (making) pan-gaia. Above, this one continen- tal body tectonic womb was impressed by one invaginating impression. Where today we find Hudson’s Bay, once was a cup shape just begin- ning to separate what was eventually to become the unpacking unfold- ing point separating North America and Europe. Below this softening tempering impression, was couched the two halves of the green beryl tectonic stones. One of these became the green Ontario shield –– Ontario to keystone state of Pennsylvania. This is one of Earth’s oldest stable tectonic plates: a memory well seeded and folded. The other half of this great tectonic stone pair was to become the blarney stone Scottish highlands to Southern France. Together these two floating tec- tonic ribs across the Atlantic spine, function as a kind of Sacred Breatsplate for Earth. Breast-Plate is called “Shield” (as in Ontario Shield) because it shields the heart. Touching the breastplates in sequence quickens prophecy, (Mormon tradition), enlightning memory’s river. We see that one of the 12 tribes, the Benjamin Magdalenic starseed lineages did just that by their pattern of migration — from French Rennes to “Highlander” (Sinclair) to Montreal. Something woven in the blood carried the river of memory. Blood is salt water. The liquid crystal ocean of memory of Earth, is massaged to zone refined thin-film semiconductor antennae by the pressure geo- nest whale and dolphin song. The shadow of salt in NaCl salt water is emerald cross (salt, NaCl has a cubic molecular array, the tilted cube has the “Emerald” six-sided hexagonal shadow). Ocean and blood carry the potential river of lightning, which can nest a higher frequency wave within biology’s braid. 219 ALPHABET OF THE EARTHEART Three shapes enfolding together: the dodecahedron, the cube, and the tetrahedron... produce a shape reminiscent of the Kabbalist's Tree of Life: THE EMERALD MODEM The hex cross in-cube-ates the s-word from the s-tone. S is the cro-ss ss-ection of the donut ss-ign wave, and ss-ound of a wave mem- ory casscade di-ss-appearing into ss-tillness: everywhere at onceness. (From here to (k)no-w-here.) The braid-circle-stone of DNA dodeca-merkabbah is pulled up line where the hex view of the cube phase/face locks the dodeca-nest. Light in symmetry’s circle stores momentum, our only definition for mass. In a line we call light’s sword energy.

In a circle we call it mass. The Tree of Life, The Cube’s emerald cross hex, when spiral ratch- eted, like quartz, is the sword. The Dodecahedron’s Emerald cross hex, when spiral ratcheted, like DNA, is the stone. Light in the stone circle stores momentum like a gyroscope, the only way mass is created. Light is drawn out from that circle back into the line path, where it is called energy, by the emerald/hex helix lightning sword path whose geometry permits the unpacking of the memories in the wave nodes without interference (into the line). The first geomantic step to create cat- hedra-all is to plant the rod/sword, drawing the ley geomantic stone gravity bloodstream of Earth up into the bubbling blind spring vertical flow axis to weave the standing wave envelope body cathedral. Thus the membrane of Earth is massaged to reach for the stars, whose faces (hedra), cathedral all consumes (cat-abolize/consume). Thus in the long wave locked mineral rock faces of Earth, there is a spiritual significance to geology, a harvest of memory stored. Remember, each time a bond Cryst-all-izes in mineral the frequency complexion of the frozen wave pressure bubble bond stores the memo- ry of the position of the stars at that moment of birth. (The astrology of birth in crystal and seed.) This is because gravity’s frequency signa- ture as cascade ratio across both magnetism and electricity is the bloodstream of collective mind/emotion. It’s geometry of pressure at any moment frozen “in time” is a record of the hologram of the ONE mind from that instant. Tectonics are the digitized samples of Earth’s birth in the long wave envelope of the galaxy. We are speaking now in terms of the broad memory strokes of geologic time. Undisturbed rock layers are exactly emotion (long wave) storing memory “banks” like the more liquid crystal of muscle: the piezo (fire) electric “womb” (of) man. Noting that the “Burning Fountain” (Phillip Wheelwright) animating ma-terre needed nest in bio’s logos, the uni-verse turned itself inside- out to slip knot alpha-bet’s symb-ball into Earth’s mem(ory)-brane. This wishing well ceded land-guage. Honoring his mark from pa terre, Merk did wheel from Abbah (Merkabbah) (literally Mark from Pa) (like a new Heir-USA-shall-I-am Do-deca-hedra-all). The flame left shadows on the stone: (t)his “monolithic” architecture in that cave. Mono-lithic means ONE letter arch-I-tected. The shadows in that flatland cave are a map back to n-dimension 220 ALPHABET OF THE EARTHEART Dodecahedronal Sephira Cubal Sephira Tiphareth Tetrahedronal Sephira Tiphareth, the sixth sephiroth, is the golden heart at the center of the Tree of Life. It is encompassed by the cube and the dodecahedron. THE EMERALD MODEM symmetry. Symmetry is/was the pieces of the body of Osiris pulled back together. Just ONE “flame letter” indexed the spin possibilities called alpha-bet to make the topology of mind’s wave, again multiply connected as in nest/context/braid/holographic. Meme-brane birth for Earth was fractal cede from zodiac, the ray- ment skin faces of both Earth and zodiac are dodecahedra,12 faced. 1746 (1080 + 666) stars were focused by erotic star bodies’ gravity lens into that soft skin erotic cup.

It’s an etheric template, first etched here from there, then inhabited there from here. First the light makes the hologram, (skin on Earth) then the hologram film recreates the light (biology reinhabits/cedes the galaxy). Children repay the in-dent- your of their star seed. Oh say can you see, light ten ing the twi light, that pent star span- gled marriage bann her. A mere aqua, mother’s waters bursting in heir. Lightning’s addition to primal soup is spin. For lightning braiding proteins is DNA. The ray’s trace cries: give us symmetry or gives us death, the price of re membering. Only symmetry casts a shadow of pressure in a direction which ray-calls. Consider if you were that soft motherly tissue, what touch would you recall. Wouldn’t it be the longest pat turn? Ray cognizing our galactic starseed lineage is wearing our pat ternity suit. Take Mose’s case. Whose seed? It’s ours’. It’s stars. And O, what happened then was rich. The stars began to twitch, the earth to (w)itch. A rainbow connection was about to sum true. Heir USA shall eye am (Jerusalem, city of light), wake the stillness inside, bustling with emerald’s city. Of course, fetal glands don’t support ecstasy until they unpack. Chakra’s unfold from circle fetus to line, kunda-line. So the tectonic continents, still point chakras in-the-flow, divide and float around the bloodstream/fire of earth. Seeking the place on the chaladni plate of vibrating Earth where stillness Christ all eye isis. You see, the Sirian’s wanted vision. These are the bird tribes, cf. Return of the Bird Tribes by Ken Carey. The winged-golden-mean-frac- tal heart shape of arriving starseed animates every myth of the origin of indigenous peoples. When the winged ONE’s packing k’iss met with return unpack... Eye’s Is. Vesica P’iscis, We-seek-a pi’eye’s IS... Of the Bird Tribe’s highest wing is the Eagle, whose eye sees the widest hor(us)-eye-sons. The Eagle’s eye suggests the most resolved focus and consuming perspective— on faces, in bio’s logos. The Eagle serves the food chain by the finest horizon of focus on the perspectives it consumes. They are what they eat. All forms of consumption resolve to a question of the intelligence of an investment of memory. This Eagle outlined in the shadow on the rock in the center of the key-stone state above Phi-lo-delphi-a, is the face to which Magdalene’s 221 ALPHABET OF THE EARTHEART The Eagle is clearly seen on a topo map of the center of Pennsylvania. This relief is even more startling on the color soils map, and almost leaps out at you in a true 3D bas- relief map of the area. The region is marked by names like Bald Eagle, Bald Eagle Park, and the town of Oriole meaning eye situat- ed literally at the eye of the Eagle. The Eagle is the symbol of our country. The city of Philadelphia, transliterated Phi-Lo-Delphi-a, was our first capital. Even their football team is called the Eagles.

From here the masonic “women in the wilderness” set out to inhabit the interior of the Eagle. THE EMERALD MODEM starseed birdtribe return, to return. To return to Gaia’s lactic corps. (Mother’s milky body.) Nervous system focus evolves vision, propagates in-form-ation by coherence of phase/face lock. For A’mere-I-go, America’s, nervous sys- tem is the electronic noosphere, media wiring for Earth. The Eagle landed. The cry in Pennsylvania’s Eagle’s mouth is both birth and death, a cross-point. It is important that we understand the relationship of the Eagle to the food chain which it serves, in order to understand the role of our country with respect to the global metabolism. From the highest height, vision or focus in the eye of the Eagle allows nervous system (our country is electronic media for the globe) to choose which prey or perspective to consume. The focal element of the collective nervous system (our media) harvests the memories of biology. They are folded, “nested,” for the flight to the heights. The Grail myth suggests that the Grid was planted in a cup on Green Stone. Was this the pangaia cup onto the Green Beryl Ontario Shield, extending into the Keystone State? The Eye of the Eagle trace of their seed as it grew into that soft clay, was named by the mystic masons: Oriole (The Eye). About 7 places are named after the 7 stars of the 7 sisters of the Pleiades here. 7 Stars, 7 Valleys, 7 Spring, 7 Notch Mountain, 7 Sisters –– The Pleiades. (The 7th Sister, not seen, married Sisyphus,who was busy rolling rock up hill (the Earth?). Plei, in Greek, means to sail. Knowledge of sailing or navigating galactic spaces, in 3D, is the same as surfing in 2D. You get your phase angle correct with respect to the (gravity/water) wave, thus allowing you to chose your destination. The Pleidian “Tablets of Destiny,” may have been our sacred alphabet, the phase map for the the galactic “sailing ones.” The Pleiades rose at the season when the weather was favorable 222 ALPHABET OF THE EARTHEART THE EMERALD MODEM for good sailing.
On a deeper level the “star-men” seeding our culture sailed here when the weather (galactic tilt) was right for good sailing. Epic sagas are written about the time when the galactic “beam me up, Scotty” doorways will again be open for ready wheeling to and from our galactic home. The time is now. The old ones are returning/waking up, to check in/on their seed. The Eagle harvests memory through the eye/I. Allow your best visual focus to massage the envelope/caress the ones we love, with our vision. Thus is their memory consumed into the mind of the ONE. When they come to you, begging that you SEE them, they simply want you, with your Eagle’s eye, to gather up their memory for harvest. To be continued... 223 ALPHABET OF THE EARTHEART The giant ones of old were called “Els” because they could make the 90 degree el (as in El-o-him) between circle/light in matter, vs. line/light as energy. This is a meaning of picking up off “the cross” (of time and space) and following (the principle of) Crystos. The story we tell is that if you connected the seven places in Pennsylvania named seven, the arrow would point through the crown of the Eagle to where the Pleiades should be when the Earth’s tilt is corrected. At any rate, just east of Oriole the eye, is the town of “El-ims-port.” They could come and go from here. As Earth tilts to new symmetry with the galactic 12-faced zodiac, the cup runneth over, and the serpent feeds the eagle. This refers to the sweet Kundalini tantric sting proceeding up the spine to the center of vision, the Cave of Brahma in the brain. The return of Quetzlcoatl, the many plumed one (an eye on each plume-consumed in perspective) is presaged by this drink from the silver cup, when the serpent nour- ishes the eagle.

The rivers will flow on a new tilt. Perhaps, as our psychologists would say, we are “just” projecting? First the holographic film we call biomass, the surface of Earth, is cre- ated by zodiacal projection, then those dodecahedral faces permit us to project the “memories of biology” (or shall we say, how to turn light donuts into biology and metabolize starlight directly) into the cosmos. An important angelic colleague of ours has this to say about the Eagle in the zodiac projected onto the Earth’s grid: ”The Eagle eats awareness. The Eagle is one of the four (cardinal) elemental logo fig- ures for the zodiac. Each logo, as a zodiac figure, represents an aspect of consciousness.” Further research leads us to Don Juan’s first rule of the nagual as it pertains to the eagle (cf. Castanada’s Eagle’s Gift ). “The power that governs the destiny of all living beings is called the Eagle, not because it is an eagle, but because it appears to the seer as an immeasurable jet-black eagle, standing erect as an eagle stands, its height reaching to infinity... The Eagle is devouring the awareness of all the creatures that, alive on Earth a moment before and now dead, have floated to the Eagle’s beak, like a ceaseless stream of fireflies, to meet their owner, their reason for having had life”. The evolution of consciousness as feedback narrowing-into-aper- ture is a description of the evolution of perception. By grasping the 244 ALPHABET OF THE EARTHEART AQUILA OPHIUCUS SERPENS SCORPIO The relative position of Aquila (The Eagle) to Serpens in the sky is similar to their relative position to each other on the land in Pennsylvania. GALACTIC CONTEXT threads of ray’s tracing light into optical cortex hologram, the finer resolution phase/face locks the reality to which the symbol points. Result: take back the grid. Own her. Re-own re-sponse-ability for the nest. Only the inner optical hologram fed by phase discipline (Hebrew) to the coherent light of its maker, actually affects the matter (cross- ings) of light which it sees. Here the symbol participates in the reality to which it points. The grid is ours to weave. The inner (w)hologram (opticus Eagle’s eyrie) bends the focus of light which made matter. Persuade ma to terr, light to cross, line to circle; E=mm see^2, because momentum in a line is energy. Entering the circle/the turn/the labyrinth, entering into mass, requires symmetry. Order is the price a ray pays attention to. To create is to see clearly. Only that resolves. Coherence is the eye beam which sharpens the shadows. Make a conscious resolution. Since after the dust settles only ONE coherence is possible.

 So the two light cones, Yod and Vau (say them slowly to see their shape), knew that there was more here than the present eye could see. To wit, wishing to see more, they made a holographic film onto bio- mass Earth. This was like yearning to zoom in on a fractal on high res- olution film. You can only focus in so far until you encounter a grainy quality. Even God couldn’t focus on anything smaller than the light waves She was shining in. Until She discovered a way to send a message between the fre- quencies of light. So in the beginning (at first in principle), she created in-cube-ation. Then she discovered a way out of that nest (all trussed up in octet). Taking her morphic cue from the twelve dodeca-faced zodiac imprinted on her hologram for Earth grid, she realized that the golden mean spiral yellow brick road to oz... See the connected spiral vortex into nested pentagrams making fractal the same dodecahedron called galaxy, earth grid, and DNA: with this fractal projector she could release her progeny starseed back to reinhabit the galactic spaces from which they had been projected in the first place. It was a case of transporting memory from a limited scale of incu- bating birth, to the most symmetry space permits. (Preparing faces to meet.) This became crystallized in legend as the Merkabbah vehicle, Ezekiel’s wheels, and the dodeca shape of the City of Revelation, Eden’s paradise dimensions. The twelve houses of the zodiacal dodeca project- ed through a plane, makes a round table, which on Chartres’ maze opens a space in the center for the 13th ONE. There, new symmetry consumes all the faces round the table in a new order/dimension. The fractal projection of the zodiac on the faces of the tectonics of 245 ALPHABET OF THE EARTHEART GALACTIC CONTEXT Earth, became an exercise in recreating the object which rendered the film in the first place. All of this place making on the crystallizing clay of the tectonics, amounts to an unpacking of image out of star seed which planted in that first cup: the grid. No wonder they grew into a chip off the old block. Those planet faces are wearing their paternity suit. The inner fire of Gaia becomes a cup that runneth over, when her light warps back up the spine of the galaxy, which will taste sweetness. If the light shining through the film is (phase) coherent with the light that made the hologram in the first place, then you can USE the mirror and the magnifying glass INSIDE of the hologram to see objects OUT- SIDE the same hologram. The fire inside Earth is that light.
The designer genes of womb man are the lens, the mirror and the magnify- ing glass. Who is the ONE who sees? Whom does the grail serve? Arthur and the land are ONE. And how was this cryst-all architecture etched onto the fabric of history? After those two halves of the green stone breastplate of Earth divided across the rib cage of the Atlantic, they were still hinged and connected. It was up to the Reverend Mothers to shepherd the genepool to touch those breast plate faces, so that prophecy could be kept alive. The seers and the seer stones, the Sirius stones, these kept the light of the long wave here focused, far from downtown. So let us matriarchally reinterpret history: from a motherly per- spective. The “God-Men” did more than to announce to an advanced age Rachel and Sarah that they were with child. Rachel was ritually virgin for temple rites producing a genetic cement between neighboring king- doms. This was the practice of the time. Only in this case, the king- doms whose gene pools needed cementing, were separated by galactic space. The great women of the bible knew how to save the seeds. They were tantric. They could raise the red fire of their own passion up through the green stone of the heart to the blue aura of tantra: “The Blue Fire.” This training enabled them to meet the star men whose command was: “From y branch unto x a cross this gene Isis.” When the Pleiadean starseed outpost was established here to enrich the genepool, the original assignment was the males were to fertilize the indigenous peoples on Earth but the females were to abstain. I believe this had to do with the y chromosome’s additive pres- ence? Y is branch, X is cross, here they needed a branch. Apparently the presence of “space” people or “star people” or “God men,” was quite common. The literature suggests common associations with Latvians, Mayan, and Hebrew. What the green moss does for the stone is chelate the mineral so 246 ALPHABET OF THE EARTHEART GALACTIC CONTEXT that maximized surface area makes the memory of pattern in mineral accessible to the touch/digestion/absorption (consumed perspective) of biology. What the fold of membrane in the skull of the holy women does is surface unpack the memory (the pressure waves) of touch with stars seeds. The skull of Magdalen was the vessel which contained the star seeds of Jesus. Her perfect Heart was the green cross point between red-orange passion/erotic energy and the blue light aura around their tantric heads. Thus she saved the seeds. His sperm con- tained DNA lightning. In proper kundalini process, the force of sperm not ejaculated is collected and pooled by tantric sexual excitation. (There are references to the unusual nature of young Jesus’s late unmarried state. In Kazantzakis’ Last Temptation of Christ, there is even reference to what all that sperm did to his brain.) The coiled braid of DNA contains a lightning life force. It is the ulti- mate programming language because braid within braid within braid can contain the complete discipline to nest machine code within assem- bler within Dbase within Report Form Generator within whatever many times over. All switches are morphic/shape active site-aligned & switched context-dependent. Aligning active sites switches the codes of DNA on and off. The braid aligns the sites. Coherence is the intelligence of emotion to (s)witch DNA. The braid within braid of DNA is woven phase coherent (long wave nested in “synch” with short) by ecstatic coherent emotion/Eros/tantra. The lightning of the memories within the high baud rate gene pool of Jesus and Magdalen (recombinant starseed) were thus unpacked and saved for biology that way. The role of tantra in the necessary high voltage/pressure incubation of starseeds should be taught. Frequent pregnancies not accompanied by sexual intercourse (virgin birth) are described in women with kun- dalini experience. Thus describing something about the profound func- tion of the ritual virginity of Sarah, and Mary. The massaging of infor- mation into the haploid genetic egg, is the perfect symmetry to mate with the half helix which is lightning, and kundalini. (“ANGLE”-ic touch.) It is potentially a profoundly erotic marriage with a larger con- textual body. In my personal experience, Earth responds dramatically and erotically to kundalini. She yearns for meaningful touch, a massage, even deeper than we do. Her response is to relax/align her geometry of pressure (tectonic/jet stream). In the past this would have been a technology so advanced as to be indistinguishable from magic (once said of comput- ers). A simple emotional alphabet (of long wave beat note ratios) con- nects us to the planet metabolism. In this way we can “phase lock”/ become at one, with our symbiotic role. 247 ALPHABET OF THE EARTHEART The genepool is a grail cup, a chalice, a light-receiving vessel. GALACTIC CONTEXT There is a long history of the need to hide the starseed origin of branches of the genepool. This was why the priests of Egypt were sys- tematically poisoning the
Kingship/Pharaonic line. The message of ONEness which Tut and Akhnaton brought would unify the dream force of the people, creating a “Godforce.” Schizophrenic dreams for the people were preferred by the priests so the illusions of their control over the kindergarten could be maintained. Tut and Akhnaton’s line possessed the classic indications of starseed genetic origins: pointed skull up and back, nose length, dis- tended belly, and extra braid or turn on the muscles of the inner organs (hence the need to hide these in Canopic jars.) The starseed contingent overlooking the Earthly blossoming of their seeds, wanted to orchestrate an avataric birth in the Egyptian the- ater (cf: Secret Places of the Lion by George Hunt Williamson). However, when the interference of the priests became too great, other destinies were arranged. This pat- tern repeats itself with the Coptic, the Albigensian, the Cathar, the Templar, and the Druid. The priests represent a false-faced Patriarchy, NOT the true Father. In fact, the story of the concealment of the true star origins of Father seed, BECAME literally “The Myth of the Birth of the Hero” (also a book by Otto Rank). It is the story of the “virgin” birth of Moses and Jesus. Tantric ladies could preserve the seed. Tut took a secret Jewish lover. They bore twins Moses and Aaron. That Jewish lover mothered Moses her real son, by concealing his Father in the Starseed and Pharaoh’s genetic line. In this way the flame of Starseed was passed from Joseph in Egypt, via Tut, back out of Egypt into the Hebraic theater, one hopefully more responsive to the Oneness mes- sage of the “God” men. The Pleiadean and Sirian forces never wished to be mythologized as “separate” from the ONE God. They knew that only one “form” of coherence was possible. (In an interfering system, when interactions go to their “limit” only ONE phase-locked coherent system can remain.) So let us go back to our biblical remothered interpretation. Rachel’s passage of starseed went to Benjamin, and Joseph (whose coat/raiment was of many colors). Benjamin’s lineage beget Magdalen. 248 ALPHABET OF THE EARTHEART A top down view of DNA. GALACTIC CONTEXT Joseph’s story tells of Benjamin’s link to a cup among the seeds. The genepool is a grail cup. “Blossoming gene, cup of the grail”. DNA’s chalice is a web work planar surface or an infinite tube, tempting light out of the fast lane into biology.. Joseph’s seed includes Jesus. Benjamin’s seed is Magdalen (born of his lineage). Jesus and Magdalen had three children. (Holy Blood Holy Grail ). The passage of the contents of those recombinant starseed becomes our story. So, having filtered some of the false patriarchy out of our look at biblical times, a matriarchal lineage also emerges.

To review: Abraham undertakes an important rite with Sarah, when three “God Men,” Sirius representatives, announce that she, Sarah, would bear her first child then, even though she was over 100. Apparently she was not barren, but rather ritually virgin (teacher of tantra?) as part of her priestess line (a significant lineage of matri- arch). The rite they did was always done when royal blood was mar- ried to her lineage. She was fertilized as if by lightning from the stars, presaging another “angel” Gabriel who came to Mary. Sarah, as ancestor to Magdalen, received starseed as did others in the feminine tradition of “The Myth of the Birth of the Hero(ine)” in which one of the chief features was the concealing of true (starseed?) parentage. We can now understand the symbolism of tearing off the roots, ADAMic meant damned or stopped up or segregated, literally red mak- ing or hard making power. The “red” hard making was damming (in the sense of creating a stoppage in the flow of light: matter). Adamic race would create the illusion that the stars did not Father them. The parental lineage from Godhood was exactly what patriarchy would segregate or forget (Siriusly). Remember that in the mother all the eggs are born with her, so that all human eggs were born at once with the first mother, irretriev- ably rooted. IEVE means tempted unto knowledge of separateness by WORD (the illusion that substances are “separate” as shape symbol or womb). So then, in the Hebraic story as starseed, Isaac, the Magical child of Sarah & Abraham, begets Jacob with Rebeccah. Of Jacob’s 12 sons, the magical ones are by Rachel (whose lineage was said to begin the Messianic age?). These are Joseph (coat of colors & link to Egypt) and the favorite young one, Benjamin. From Joseph, the attempt to incarnate an avatar moves to Egypt. Akhnaton is straight Pleiadean, or starseed blood, as is Nefertitti. Tut, their son, undertakes the message of ONEness, and the familial ideal. Patriarchy and the priests poison this. SO, Tut fathers Moses (& twin) 249 ALPHABET OF THE EARTHEART GALACTIC CONTEXT by a secret Hebrew lover (amidst great intrigue ) and Moses returns the identity and coherence of the starseed lineage to Hebrews. Then, Magdalen is born of the Benjamin line, Jesus is born of the Joseph line, they have three children which begins the “Holy Blood, Holy Grail” story. It is lightning quickening herstory. Thus, Iesus/Magda is adiabatically the reunion of the (star)seeds through Rachel. He folds seeds, she unpacks –– matriarchy now leads to unfolding of Bio-logos’ seeds to galactic Milky spaces. After the death of Joseph, the husband of Mary/mother of Jesus. The household was run by older brother Lazarus. Lazarus was a bit Father intoxicated, over-imbued with his new role as “head of house- hold”. Young sister Magdalen, really a cousin of Jesus,(the Essenes were a carefully bred extended family) decided she must exit from under the oppression of Lazarus & family. She runs away, and later manages to acquire a fortune running a house of prostitution in Northern Palestine. This was consistent with her promise to herself, that if she couldn’t have the ONE man (Jesus) she would have every man. (When Jesus was at an age appropriate for betrothal, as he reached out for beautiful Magdalen, he was struck down as if by light- ning. The sense of electrical seizure is on occasion an unwitting tantric moment, but with the Earth itself. Sometimes the lover cannot resist.) The wealth of Magda became the seed for the Templar treasure she founded. (Even the cobalt blue of the Templar Marianist Gothic Cathedrals was taught by her, the tantric blue only seen as you turn.) What she managed to save in that oldest profession was not just mate- rial currency/symbol for human energy, but also a treasure of informa- tion. She became consort to the rulers of nations and expert in the energy of sexuality. So, when Magdalen becomes expert at Tantra, while running the celebrated house of prostitution in northern Palestine, before Jesus returned from his initiatory travels, she was learning a critical biologi- cal lesson on saving the seeds. Her former profession paid for his later travels, and her skills to conserve the lightning of tantra, created the genetic nest for his children to redeem history. Magdalen is empowered feminine. She is here with us, as is her green stone. We approach the mysteries of the green stone itself, and the crys- tal skull, and the skull and crossbones. Jesus meantime had departed for India, and later initiations in Egypt at around age 13-14. Instead of the prescribed marital energet- ics, his Eros was conserved for initiation. On his travels he gradually learned an appropriate Yogic Tantric discipline for the lightning in his loins. His seed moved explosively upward. However a critical break- through was required before he could taste the sweetness from the sil- 250 ALPHABET OF THE EARTHEART GALACTIC CONTEXT ver cup. Silver cords of information-sweet lightning pounded for access to the cave of Brahma in his brain. But there was a necessary stricture. At this juncture, a knowledge of Kundalini’s biological mechanics is essential to understand the true origins of the green stone.

The highest frequency, ultraviolet & information-richest, nectar of the collective cells of the body are focused in the lower sexual glands. Erotic attention concentrates them into a pool. They are assembled in the male via the gonads into a genetic single arrow/ haploid helix/light- ning bolt. The prostate surrounds them with sweetness. Discipline in what is consumed visually and informationally can con- serve the excitation/aggravation of these lower glands. This translates to mean that red meat and “dirty” (sex without love) movies make for a different quality of sperm release than whole grain and readings on love and oneness. There is a suction tube at the lowest tip of the spine, the stinging tail of the serpent, the “organ kundabuffer” of Gurdjieff. When the pool of sweetness around the sexual organs is full and still, this pump- ing tube in the clear liquids of the spine, can “come” to have access to this sweetest nectar of biology. Particularly in the beginning when this pump is just being primed, great care and discipline are required to nourish this alternate flow of erotic energy. If successful, the nectar will ultimately spill over in the high brain, exploding the psychoactivity there with congruent unflowering of the cells of the third eye/pineal pituitary complex. The cave of Brahma (in the brain) has the organs of Eros as its entry point. The pelvic tilt and electric relaxation at the point of orgasm are some of the discipline that feed this “Sushumna” up the spine. Another very vital ingredient to achieving the flooding of the upper brain with these everlasting life-producing juices is described in the literature on the “Sacro Cranial Pump.” The part most relevant to our understanding of the Green Stone has to do with the function of the heart in making this pump work. Getting these sweet Tantric juices into the spine does not happen unless there is a pumping action upward. The motor for this pump is the sound waves created by the glands at the moment of emotional coherence. Understand please, that the electrical information product of the collective orgone cellular process exists largely in the blue ultra- violet. This is the energy current which drives all of cellular mechanics. The human egg draws to itself the chosen sperm/information seed, by a blue UV tractor beam. Exactly in the same way mother Earth Gaia draws to herself her chosen information seed by a blue UV tractor beam. She however must draw that high frequency information folded- ness up the human spine into the realm of the longer waves within which is her bloodstream of mind. 251 ALPHABET OF THE EARTHEART GALACTIC CONTEXT The frequency distance between the UV (ultraviolet) currency of cellular reproductive Eros, and the sonic information fabric of ecstasy arranging liquids to crystal in brain, is seven octaves! At each chakra glandular/nervous plexi, an additional turn or braid of light is woven on the petals of the lotus. The sacro cranial pulse so perceptible in the Upledger school, is the low frequency sonic coherence which massages the envelope of the spinal pump upward.
The key turning point in that process upward is the sound of the heart. The heart, half way between red erotic orgone energy and the blue aura of tantra, is also the green stone. Her sweet immaculate heart sets the peritoneum around the heart to ring. It massages the spine, pumping the sweetness. Pure heart does it all. Magdalen taught Jesus that, as he embraced her. It is common, as the force of kundalini surges upward for block- ages to be balled up and expelled. This is often in the form of dense mucus, but it can also be actual calcified excipient from the lymph pas- sages. This has been called a lingum stone. It comes from above the plate above the mouth, which is the classic tantric switch to the “micro- cosmic orbit.” The tongue touching the back roof of the mouth per- forms this switching. That same area is connected to the sphenoid/ occiput gate which opens to permit the sweetness to enter the brain. That stone released in dramatic cases of kundalini arising is a potent electrical “ball of lightning.” His lingum stone, the symbol of released blockage, became the green stone. She treasured it. Her skull held his tantric star seeds. Her feet walked those green stone faces of Earth. From Jerusalem, to Southern France, to the Scottish Highlands, she massaged the envelope of Earth, guiding her children there. Shepherding the lineage of the genepool of her children across that sequence of tectonic green breastplates, across lifetimes, was the Marian legacy; reverend mothers touching the stones of the breastplate in sequence to massage alive the envelope of prophecy for a’closing time. Face locking as they walked the memories of Earth, crystallized unpacked in stone faces, into one consumed perspective: body of Gaia: fractal of Zodiac.