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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Listen to me, Death! You must leave here immediately.

Listen to me, Death!
You must leave here immediately.
How can you touch me?
I have captured Goddess Kali.
I have bound her hands and feet
   with adamantine strands of pure love.
Her intimate presence alone
   now shines from the stronghold of my heart. 
The twelve-petal lotus that floats in my chest
   is surrounded by her fierce flames.

I contemplate with awe
   the thousand-petal lotus at my crown
where the golden honey of mystic union
   is flowing eternally.
O Mother Kundalini,
my entire being is swept upward continuously
   by your current of wisdom energy.

I have taken precautions so that Goddess Kali
   cannot escape from within me.
Single-minded devotion guards her with every breath.
These two eyes are her gatekeepers.
My third eye has become her own clear vision.

Suspecting that the fatal fever of egocentricity
   would attack my mind and body,
I have taken the ancient remedy
   prescribed by my illumined master.
The medicine
 Om Kali, taken four times daily,
cures the chronic illness of 
me! me! me!

Emboldened by the indwelling of the Mother,
this warrior poet calls out:
“Listen to me, Death, so your insane pride
   will at last be humbled.
You can take away only this form.
I have already begun my deathless journey,
Kali! Kali! Kali!