Thursday, December 27, 2012

El Shadai - DNA Layer Twelve

Kryon's interpretation:
The basic information is that this layer must be considered
as a package with 9 and 10. These last three are then called
"action layers" and are different from any of the attributes
of any of the former 9. Kryon puts them in the "God" Group.
Layer Twelve is very simple. It's the God layer, the most divine, and truly the layer which is "The God Within." There are many divine layers, but this one is 12... the last and highest in vibration of all of them. What does it do? Kryon says, "Don't look for these layers to do anything, any more than your home does something. It provides you with peace, shelter, and a feeling of being home. Let the God layer be home for all of you."
Layer Twleve is part of the forth group of three layers, which are the "GOD GROUP" (10-11-12))

El Shadai - DNA Layer Twelve Click here to hear it