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Thursday, December 13, 2012

And now a message from our sponsor - To be a cunt!!

Cunt/Cunti, also known in ancient Indic Hinduism as the Yoni or (vulva) of the Universe. Other words coming from the same source are "cunabula" meaning a cradle or first abode. Also, "Cunina," who was a Roman Goddess who protected children in the cradle. The term "Cuntipotent, means one who possesses "all powerful cunt-magic," "cunicle" meaning a hole or passage and "cundy" meaning a culvert. Other translations also can mean cunning, kenning and ken, meaning knowledge, learning, insight, remembrance and wisdom.
Cunt is not a bad word, or a profane word. In fact, it is a holy word that has a direct correlation to the Divine Mother. It is sad that modern language uses this in a derogatory manner.
In ancient writings, the meaning of the word was synonymous with woman. Kunda Saharan is a North African Goddess of the Kuntahs, a tribe who it is said can trace their beginnings to "the cleft of the Goddess." Kundas were children begotten out of wedlock and were considered divine gifts of the Goddess Kunda.
From her name, Saharan comes the name Sahara. It has been found that she was worshipped in the "Sahara" region by local tribes when the plain was a grassland and not a desert. This time period is between 6,000 and 8,000 BCE.
Now, from a linguistic perspective, at least you know where that nasty little phrase of profanity originated from. Thank you for everything!