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Sunday, December 2, 2012

31 - 72 Names of God

Pronunciation: Lamed Kaf Bet
Purpose: Finish what you start (overcome obstacles)
Meditation: I am endowed with the power to conclude everything I begin, especially tasks and goals of a spiritual nature. I stop putting it off until’s now or never. I think of an unfinished project that has been an obstacle in my life. I decide to finish it and follow through as I begin this meditation. I see the unfinished project in front of me.  I am completing this project as I visualize myself walking through the steps required, marching toward completion.  I feel frustration and procrastination drifting away. I am getting closer to completing my goal. As I breathe, I get even closer. I feel stronger, more connected to my Light Force. Laziness and doubt are gone, and I see myself fulfilled, creating more space for even greater accomplishments.