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Thursday, November 22, 2012

'World Peace Flame': The Natural Result of Heart's in Agreement on 'Phi-Re' in Honor of the World Peace Flame Project,

'World Peace Flame': The Natural Result of Heart's in Agreement on 'Phi-Re'

in Honor of the World Peace Flame Project,

hosts of Washington DC Conference with Grace ( )

from Daniel Winter 10-22-2000, url: ../worldpeaceflame , other articles: ../sitemap.html


You've Got Heart Phi-re !


Does Your Heart Have Wings?

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The World Peace Flame and the Physics of Heart's on Fire

by Dan Winter

The World Peace Flame project, sponsored by Light Foundation School of Therapeutics ( ) .. brings us to the image of flame in principle as the heart of how people become one.
Our spiritual teacher at the 'Gurdjieff School', Pierre Elliott was a Ph.D. physicist specializing in the physics of flame, from the Sorbonne, in France. Very rich indeed that the physical chemistry of what makes a flame sustainable is identical with what makes BLISS sustainable. That was the goal of our sacred gymnastic work - Bliss. Since that time I have developed rather a sophisticated ELECTRICAL model for the nature of bliss. (../bliss (link at sitemap) ). Essentially what we have learned is that people breathing and moving into 'sacred' space, are in the process of entering SYMMETRY. And very specifically the nature of the symmetry most conducive to bliss, is in fact the geometry of embedding. Embedding looks like the kind of nesting you see in perfect leaf branching ( ../philotactics (link at sitemap) ). This has everything to do with how perfect unfolding or branching is the same as perfect packing or unpacking. The electrical field effect which is generated by BLISS and particularly SHARED BLISS is mathematically like the unfolding petals of a rose. (so well illustrated by the Phi Golden Mean rose petal geometry harmonics we measure in the EKG: ../heartlink (link at sitemap) ).
So BLISS and 'charge compression' (spirit as capacitance gone fractal), are the same thing. This provides VERY practical tools for learning the HYGIENE for BLISS, ( ../health (link at sitemap)) based on pure principles (instead of religious personality worship). The other thing about the nature of bliss, is that a feature of the recursive symmetry of charge conservation creates literally a coherence high frequency (UV - rf - microwave) bubble around the participants. The coherence and order of the membrane of this bubble, is choreographed by the synchronized in phase breath, heart-beat, & other micromotion entrainment of the participants.
In effect this predicts the GEOMETRY of the 'FLAME' of blue fire (cellular UV etc. in the 'aura') of those who enter BLISS together (top image/animation here). Individually this auric 'cocoon' development is called kundalini or tantra, we have elsewhere discussed the potential to use this hi-frequency cocoon for navigating shem-an-ically into stars and thru the speed of light. ( ../kundalini , ../solarfeeling , (links at sitemap) ). This kind of skill to get enough charge enfolded (recursively - the science of compassion as PURE embedding) into DNA and GLANDS to heterodyne the tornado thru light speed, we regard as the requirement to become immortal. (Specifically, it is how in physics we get a soul, and maintain it - as evidenced by ability to lucid dream, time travel without heavy metal, and carry memory thru death). Compassion in this sense geometrically CREATES the suction into the fractal attractor of the dimpling EKG field effect - turning-inside-out, which draws the future thru light speed into you. Developing the electrical skill to hold INTENSE FEELING, develops your skill to braid MAGNETISM into the implosion which gives you the ability to STEER IN (& ultimately to inhabit) TIME. (become 'solarian' , 'time lord' , 'angelic', one of the 'El's'.)
When waves find the way to be perfectly distributable, they look like... a heart on fire...

Notice in the side view the heart zoom valentine fractal cascade (into embedding), when seen as a Golden Spiral on the dodeca vortex cone, is really the CADDEUCEUS of the perfect FLAME.

In this sense, quite literally, waves cannot 'assume the position' of agreement, unless they are in this PHI's (Golden Mean) Ray. Folks who think of physical chemistry as something other than simply geometry in a unified field ( a childish mistake ), often forget that FIRE means Phi's-Ray.

In summary what we would like to gently remind our friends, is that the onset of A WORLD PEACE FLAME, is occassioned by the moment when enough heart's catch fire (EKG implosion) with the same bliss which knows the way in which we are all a group soul able to create a global GAIA cocoon. This collective Phi's Ray is our reserved first class air-line ticket to return thru the sun, back into the stars.
Our little ../module biofeedback project to link hearts around the globe in phase over the internet is just one more little piece of this spark already so well catching light over the Earth.
We saw several times, that when global media caused millions of children planet wide to sing at the same moment, the solar flares were measureable affected. This kind of global synchrony of biological FIRE is what is needed to create the centering force which brings us thru the wind song of the SUN during this time of Solar orgasm.
In 'consumed perspective' we each by mirroring our glimpse of the one fire, thru the many very much in phase facets of the insects eye - bring us closer to the moment of ritual called 'critical mass' for this lightning. The "many plumed ONE" returns. Indeed this principle of pure crystallization (Christos) called sharing among waves is returning ... on fire!