Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Divine Name

Discover "How 11.11.11. Becomes The Divine Name". Healing Sounds ® pioneer Jonathan Goldman demonstrates how the magical numbers 11.11.11 transform into the Tetragrammaton; YHVH—the four letter name of God that was revealed to Moses on Mt. Sinai.

Goldman, an international authority on sound healing has discovered that the Divine Name is actually a universal sound composed entirely of vowels that resonate our chakras and puts us in touch with the Divine. This information is chronicled in his book THE DIVINE NAME.Working with visionary artist Aaron Pyne, you'll see the transformation from 11.11.11. to YHVH as you hear Jonathan intone "The Divine Name". This is a fascinating video—beautiful to watch and listen to!Go to on 11.11.11Find out more information about the Divine Name athttp://www.thedivinename.comVisionary Art & Video Design by Aaron Pyne