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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Scorpio's Kiss of "Death" & New Life By Michelle Manders

Dear Palace of Peace Friend,
Long time no speak! Apologies for not hearing from me over the past 3 weeks, but all my time and energy is being channelled into the preparation for the upcoming Pilgrimage to Egypt in December. I have 68 written reports to complete for my Pilgrims and Guardian/Gatekeepers by the 25th of November. So I am a busy bee!

The current energies are unlike anything I have experienced in the 17 years I have been doing this work full-time. I can see and feel how what the Masers have been speaking about for years, and more so over the past 3 years, is now coming into being. Their promises are being delivered. Ironically many people are overwhelmed now that what has been intended for is arriving, because suddenly the changes accompanying the manifestation of their intentions is turning everything upside down and inside out. But it's all good!!
Jupiter is still retrograde in Gemini, and it's ruler Mercury, stations retrograde at 4 degrees of Sagittarius on the 6th of November, and will retrograde back through Scorpio, stationing direct in Scorpio on the 25th of November. Thus we are already in the shadow period of this upcoming retrograde and feeling the push to address more of our internalized, invisible and mismanaged insecurities, fears and deeply buried resentments. Mercury is also working very cleverly at exposing hidden agenda's and secrets. This is fueled by both the Sun, and especially Saturn now transiting through Scorpio too.

When a planet turns retrograde, part of it's mission is to expose dysfunctions. Jupiter in Gemini currently retrograde, ruled by Mercury has been transiting through Scorpio and brought a lot of things out into the open. For example, not long after Jupiter stationed retrograde, and as Mercury entered Scorpio, a number of hidden agenda's and activities going on behind my back were exposed to me. I found out that at least 3 people who have accompanied me on a  few of my pilgrimages are now copying what I do on my tours, and at least one of them is claiming to be channelling Kuthumi too. It was also revealed to me that there are people plagiarizing my channellings, and in one case voice recording my channellings and selling them. I have taken no action to "go after" after them, the Law of Karma will take care of that, I have more important things to attend to, and the truth always exposes itself. There are initiators and imitators, and if the imitators are comfortable going against the Law of Integrity, then so be it. Thus, please be very discerning of the channelled material available out there. Kuthumi has made it very clear that he has 12 Key Channels world-wide, all of whom have been channeling him for at least 10 years. At this stage I am the only person channelling Kuthumi as his Kuthumi-Agrippa energy combination.

Saturn, the greater malefic, is also the Lord of Time and Lord of Karma, and demands that we take the time to apply the discipline and implement the boundaries and structures required to work into our karma/fears in an orderly fashion and persevere patiently so as to transform, rise above it and manifest the equal but opposite of that which we perceive and experience as negative - that is the reward for our hard work. This is very necessary as the energies build for the upcoming Stellium in late November, early December, when Mercury, Venus and Saturn will all be holding hands in Scorpio; an event that last occurred 2737 years ago. Thus, the healing taking place now is related to that time line. So it is HUGE!

Up until 23 December 2014 we have the opportunity to successfully complete the greatest and most important transformation of our life time. Saturn in Scorpio is helping us "die" to the old and be "reborn" into a complete and utterly new paradigm of consciousness and life experience. We now have to address the authentic parts of ourselves that "died" in the past, resurrect them, and transform that old energy into something new and reclaim our power, as well as address the parts of ourselves that fear the "death" process. We cannot transform our lives without being willing to dig deep and address the wounded, obsessive, smoldering, paranoid, resentful, unforgiving aspects of our psyche that deceive us into believing we're not good enough. If we insist on suppressing our emotions it will explode into something very nasty, vindictive and hurtful and destroy the good, as well as the negative, but that is not the way it needs to be done.

Therefore, during the Mercury retrograde take the time out to draw your energy inward and rest, review, re-asses, research, revise, re-visit, deeply analyze and recognize what you need to do in order to bring your emotional body into a state of optimum health and well-being. As we head toward the next major turning point in December 2020, we absolutely have to have mastered our emotions, because lack of emotional intelligence and maturity is what has created the world as we know it. The dysfunctions being exposed revolve around what I have already described, as well as depression brought on by lack of forgiveness and deeply buried wounds we are afraid to address. Forgiveness begins with the self, then we can move on to forgiving others, thus we are addressing the parts of self that deeply buried the things we wish we could forget, but have not yet forgiven.

This is necessary, because when Venus enters Scorpio on the 23rd of November, she activates a 25 month cycle of addressing many of the deeply buried wounded aspects of the Goddess - especially the sexual wounds of our world. This is also setting the stage for the next leg of the Aquarian 2020 Universal Project Kuthumi-Agrippa and Mary Magdalene have assigned to me. The first level of this project is being activated and anchored in Egypt in December  - there are 70 of us in total actively doing this - and the second one will be in Bali in April 2013. KA and MM have given me a lot of the information for that pilgrimage already, but more information is still coming through, so I am hoping to have the itinerary completed by the end of next week. The theme and purpose of that pilgrimage is based on activating and anchoring the Universal Twin Flame Grid through the 22 Sirian chakras being revived under the auspices the 222 Sirian Masters of Transformation, so as to bring into balance and manifestation the healing between men and women and return to Earth the nature of TRUE love, Sacred and Divine Marriage and the energies which reform and restructure the foundations of relationships and families, facilitated by the magnificent Dolphin and Whale Kingdom. A big part of this aspect of the project focuses on transforming the old twin flame experience into the Divine Counterpart manifestation and reviving the Alchemy of Quantum Tantra teachings. This particular pilgrimage will become an ongoing project in itself, focusing into and specializing in supporting the re-emergence of manifesting "Matches Made in Heaven," and providing the healing, counseling, and guidance to educate people and facilitate much needed relationship healing. The Gateway for this part of the Universal Project opens its energy on the 23rd of November 2012, which we secure in Egypt in December, and then carry the energies forward to Bali, and thereafter the destinations which KA and MM are currently also preparing.

Mary Magdalene has delivered 3 Parts of the Egypt 2012 messages already, now available in my shop on my website, which I urge you to listen to, or read, if you have not already. The information is valuable and will help you better understand what is happening energetically and where all of this is leading to. Another very supportive message came through from
Lord Maitreya - one of the Golden Oracle Masters, which is also available in my shop.

Bookings for my Egypt Pilgrimage have closed, however you can still follow our itinerary and link up with us every day if you wish.  Kim Lings, owner of Nile Travel; my organizer, has opened bookings for the upcoming Bali Pilgrimage taking place from 16 - 28 April 2013. Look out for the full itinerary coming soon.

I'd like to encourage you to trust that we are now changing the world, and that you are a massive contributor. Your contribution impacts positively by harnessing your inner strength and courage and staring "death" in the face so that the kiss and promise of new life can bless and merge with you. I know how frightening and daunting this can be, however, I also know how rewarding it is to persevere and experience the short-term discomfort of the initial "death" process in exchange for long-term comfort. Over the past 2,5 years I have let go of many people and experiences that in fact were not for my highest good, and since then the MAJORITY of the drama I was experiencing in my life has ended. So, feel the fear and do it anyway; let go and surrender to the good waiting for you. It's worth it!

Much love,