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Saturday, November 3, 2012

November 3, 2012 – Mother Love Through Big SHift by Azlan White

MOON enters Cancer pre-dawn at 12:43 am, pdt. This Mother Water MOON TRINES the Mother Water Planet, NEPTUNE in Pisces at 1:29 am, kissing us with universal love if we can receive it. MOON TRINE SATURN at 7:43 am, brings us into the morning with a GRAND WATER TRINE. MOON, NEPTUNE and SATURN know how to mother, nurture and love us right through the chaos and changes of this time. We are this mother-force of wisdom and love–for and with each other.
VENUS SQUARE PLUTO at 10:27 am, pdt offers us a LOVE CATHARSIS. If we didn’t do the relationship and “soul mate cleanse,” before, then we can do it today.  This square is another “soulmate cleanse and preparation,” moment. Sometimes things need to be “taken away,” before the right things can be given. This is true of jobs, relationships and all rejections. Sometimes our pain reveals our longing that reveals our authentic future, unfolding, if we can allow the yoni-verse time to respond to our deepest desires and calls. Our deep inner longings, as individuals, for sacred union with our own soul as well as our longing for a soul union with another–is a natural urge and feeling its longing is healthy and part of our journey to its fulfillment.
MOON SQUARE URANUS at 11:20 am, touches our awakening cauldron with Electrical Fire today. We are in the catharsis, in the Eclipse Field, so we need to handle everything with care and extra focus of attention. We need protection, intuition and self-love.
MOON OPPOSITE PLUTO at 3:54 pm, pdt is a DEATH. We are preparing for our birth, but first the old must die.
MOON SQUARE VENUS at 4:31 pm offers us a tension, between two feminine energy that can be used for work, evolution, karma clearing, and/or allowing ourselves to see where we are vulnerable. We all places that are calling to be acknowledged, Forgiven and cleaned up so we can “move on.”
This is a day of cleaning, moving and catharsis. May we handle all the grunge with grace and love. May we accept others’ limitations, giving them love and faith in their ability to transform weaknesses into strengths in time.