Tuesday, November 13, 2012

November 13, 2012 – Happy New Birth! TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE – Sacred Holy Day by Azlan White

The TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE in Scorpio is at 2:08 pm, pst.  The eclipse will be visible over Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific and South America. This is a POWER DAY in Scorpio. We’ve been unwinding the previous cycle until today, when we begin a fresh new cycle of creation with the most potent astronomical fertile force of BIRTH we have in our seasonal cosmos.
This Eclipse portal is a sacred energy with which we can shower our most precious gifts into the world, as we birth ourselves from the “4th world to the 5th world,” as the Hope describe it.  This birth process is a mystery and may even go “unseen,” while for others it may be a total “surprise,” like a lot of children are, like an accident, unintended and yet such a powerful life-filled life-changing blessing! We are in a time like that, where many things have that quality of life-changing catharsis, like death and birth, both transitions from one world to another.
As the Aboriginals say, they “sing the songlines,” that birth humanity into the world, nurturing humanity through the birth canal while we spiral mysteriously from one way to another, one world to another, one consciousness to another, one state of grace to another level of grace.
This birth has its own timing for each person, each city, each state, each country. Each one will have its own birth canal, its own umbilical cord, its own “due date,” and its own way of coming early, or on time, spiralling through the birth canal from one world to another. At some point we will “cut the cord,” from the old world, but we’re not there yet, first we all have to make it through the “eye of the needle,” our own rebirth canal.
MERCURY SQUARES NEPTUNE at 4:02 pm, pst (Pacific Standard Time). Did your water break yet?  Myth and symbol is and has always been a part of life cycles. All the myths of the cycles of birth apply to a species just like they do to a person or an animal. Welcome to the New World.  Can you feel it or see it, likely not, because NEPTUNE is SQUARE MERCURY and that is a foggy energy. It is the energy of “our water breaking,” however it could be the “illusions in our mind,” that break, as we “wake up,” to another level of consciousness that has a different reference point perhaps, and/or a different way of seeing itself and this world.
MERCURY enters Scorpio, late tonight at 11:42 pm, pdt, joining the SUN and the MOON in the Eclipsed sign of Scorpio.  We’ll have more to say later. At this moment we may be pre-verbal (or even unaware) of our own shift.
May the shift be with you in grace and glee. May we hold this day sacred and celebrate our new 5th World. Cheers to the Hopi, the Cree, the Mayans, the Incas, the Aboriginals, and all other tribes who have held this time sacred, waiting for this moment.