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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Indeed! We continue to recognize excellence in 2012!!@BarackObama-Guess whose coming to dinner?

You are so beautiful regal and majestic!!! We are really impress by your remarkable vision to see into the waters of miraculous clarity. 
It's obvious that you are moving forward on the right side of life. Thank you for understanding freedom, protection, guardianship, community, command, Action, Authority,focus,determination, power, liberation, non-judment, equality  and peace. 
It's obvious that you understand that we all deserve to work smarter and not harder. Thank you for your unblinking faith to see the truth in the light!! Thank you for being an inspiration to all the other creatures on this planet including mankind. In the dawning of a new sun your wings fan the fires of creation effortlessly.  As you ascend into the skies you cause massive energetic ripples in the cosmos!! Thank you for carrying the veil of night, and dark over the existence of awareness!!  Thank you for reminding us that the illusion of limitation will NOT ground us in our flight.You seem to love earth very much!! Mother Earth Loves You so much. We Love you just the way you are.
Thank you for everything.