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Monday, November 19, 2012

GODDESSES HAVE ARRIVED!!!!The Pleiadian Alignment of November 16-20, 2012. – The Seven Sisters Speak.

The Pleiades Star Cluster in the constellation of Taurus. Called “The Seven Sisters,” there are nine stars included in the open star cluster, as they are joined by their parents, Atlas and Pleione. One of the nearest clusters to Earth, it is 440 light years away, give or take. Some millennia ago, an advanced civilization from the Pleiades star cluster introduced their genetics on planet Earth. They observed the evolution of the species, experimenting with ways to further spiritual development. Atlantis, the ancient Egyptian and Greek civilizations were all Pleiadean projects. Their programmed “energy signature” was encoded and imprinted on DNA, the way fingerprints are left behind when you touch something. This energy signature responds to its own origins, like a radio tuned for one station.
When our Sun is at Galactic (25, 26, 27) degree of Taurus or Scorpio, we are in astronomical alignment with the Pleiades, both at the conjunct in Taurus or the opposition in Scorpio. The Pleiadean energy signature on the planet is activated, like a gong that lasts for three days, twice a year. It is a time of Pleiadean entrances and exits, when they tend to their projects, whether starting, maintaining or ending. Those with the matching energy signature can be activated (woken up), those already awake can be empowered, and those ready to finish and graduate may leave, or start something new at a higher level. While the Pleiadean interaction here isn’t limited to this timing, it is the time of the highest activity.
Pay attention to what happens on November 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20, not only in your personal life, but on a global scale. Ultimately, the Pleiadean agenda is one of spiritual development toward the ability of a species to live in harmony with each other, realizing a group conscience and consciousness, and to live in balance with Nature. What we call Pleiadean Lineup, is both an astronomical alignment and a time for activation, realignment or action concerning Pleiadean agendas. –
Does this suggest that every 5200 years, the Earth experiences a massive star seeding? This brings me back to the eclipse in May 2012, conjunct Alcyone. Remember the ancients believed an eclipse created a tunnel to their star gods – could a portal open directly to Alcyone? If you believe all the channelled material regarding the Pleiadians, they are returning to aid our planetary ascension into a higher frequency. In Australia, on 14 November 2012, a solar eclipse will shadow across our land, the centreline directly over Cairns. This eclipse will be exactly conjunct the fixed star α Serpentis in zodiacal Scorpio. The serpent is one of the most ancient of symbols denoting wisdom used by high initiates in the mystery schools. Many Gnostic traditions identified the serpent with Jesus. – Cosmic Intelligence Agency
Pleiadian Alignment Message: Dear ones, though this alignment will more directly and perfectly impact those who are identified as star-seeded, it has potential to bring benefits to all beings that wish to receive it’s light, wisdom and blessings. This Fall event is a further extension and activation of the Venus Transit event from last May, as well as the recent Full Solar Eclipse, as it now carries an elevated Serpentine energy of divine wisdom and healing. It will be subtle, but also powerfully felt through thought and intention, especially in the evening hours when the stars light up the darkened sky with their light. For those that wish to connect with their Pleiadian star brethren may do so more easily at this time and may catch glimpses of their presence as orbs or white/silver/blue rays of light. Meditation, ritual and prayer work are all highly indicated at this time; along with a general sense of receptivity and openness. This is a divine opportunity to receive yet another light shower of Grace and Blessings for all who would receive. Shanti. – The Keepers, 11.15.12