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Monday, November 26, 2012

Free Channelling for 12:12:12 Universal Solstice Celebration - Lord Kuthumi-Agrippa through Michelle Manders.

The 12:12:12 celebration is linked to Alchemy Consciousness, as well as the Alchemy of Consciousness. The days of “blindly” living your life have long ago ceased. You are living in a state of higher awareness within a world embodying great potential. I, Kuthumi-Agrippa, stand in front of you today, my energy graces the presence of your planet and I challenge you to stand up and say “no” to the old ways of reacting to life and the old ways of creating the limitations of your past.

The 12:12 vibration is one of the most powerful in existence relating specifically to human consciousness. The reason why I say this is because on the 12th of December every year the attention of the entire universe is turned to Mother Earth, it is the Universal Solstice; the celebration of the light soul that exists within every soul currently inhabiting earth.

You inhabit earth for a purpose. The purpose is not to be, or remain inhibited. The lessons that have presented themselves to you on your earth journey have inhibited certain aspects of yourself. That time of inhibition is now ending. You have entered a world where you have to truly understand what it means for light to reflect light. If you have been one of those who have bought into the idea that light and dark need to stand in equal amounts in order for one to truly learn and master the lessons of light and balance, then I must ask you now to immediately erase that from your consciousness. The choices that you have made are presenting you with this opportunity; the opportunity to live your life expressing and reflecting light, and in so doing, attracting every aspect of light that exists within you into your physical reality, and having it reflected back at you. This may challenge many of your belief systems, especially when there are so many people out there telling you that if you do not experience darkness you cannot continue to grow. Although that has been the case in the past, it is now changing. Now you are facing the pain and suffering of YOUR PAST so that you can live within the realms of light NOW, without having to constantly create drama and suffering in order to feel you have earned your right to experience peace and happiness.

Your choice to move into the vibrations of today’s Universal Solstice is activating the memory within your cells which is triggered by the light within your DNA reminding you that light reflects light; that you are a powerful enough master to ensure that everything that you experience, and express in life, embodies light. How is darkness to be transmuted if light does not become the presence of the majority? Think about it.

The 12:12:12 vibration is presenting humanity with a remarkable opportunity of accelerated growth. You have heard of the 144,000 Volunteers of the Light, these are in fact Lightworkers – you - who have agreed to return at this time to anchor light; to be the ones who live life with light reflecting light and fully activating the “Ripple Effect Grids.” This is the theme of the Golden Age, and in order for you to fully embrace, integrate, understand and live within Alchemy Consciousness you need to grasp the Alchemy of Consciousness, which is something that will happen, and is happening rapidly for you, by embracing the knowing that light reflects light and no longer do you need to have equal amounts of darkness in order to appreciate your light.

As a result of this accelerated development we are able now to expand the energy of the volunteers and awaken more of you, and those of you who are “awake,” you will experience awakening on deeper and higher levels.

Once you move through this Key Activation of the 12:12:12 Universal Solstice, we will be able to celebrate the number (figure) of Lightworkers awakening within modern society (westernized civilization), and who will have further embraced the understanding of the Alchemy of Consciousness and actively living their life abundantly, to be at 2,304,000 Lightworkers. When I say WE will have manifested the awakening of, I include you in the WE, this means you are becoming more and more active in your role as a co-creator; an alchemist - a being of immense power living within a human form. Thus, we – you and us - are well on our way to bringing the number of Fully Enlightened Lightworkers within your westernized world to the figure of 1,444 billion by December 2022. However, this means a LOT still needs to be done and worked through." Excerpt

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