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Friday, November 16, 2012

Common Questions from Non-Lightworkers By Lee Carroll

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. The energy of the room has been set. If you have lifted that shield of intellectualism you carry around and let in the possibility of more truth, where does that then leave you? Have you allowed, perhaps, a seed to be planted, a possibility that the planet is in the process of recalibrating itself? Perhaps you think all of it is a coincidence and it does not affect you?

I will say to you yet again, dear one, that you may be a shaman sitting there and not even know it. You may have been brought here to this chair you sit in one time, and you'll never have that happen again. This is, therefore, the opening, the opportunity of possibilities right now.

I know who is here, and I know who listens to this message. We're going to answer some questions that have been asked from those who are not old souls. The answers will serve both you and those who will see and read and hear this message in your future - my now. This is confusing and I've said it many times before: I know who's listening. I know who's reading, for there is no time on my side of the veil. There is only potential and the potential is, therefore, manifest in the now. It may take weeks to transcribe this message. But after the transcription and all of the editing and the publishing, it will, therefore, be in writing. Indeed, someone is reading it right now, and I see that person doing it. All this sounds odd to those of you who sit in the room.

There is a reader who needs to see these words right now, and I know who this is. The potential is so strong that I can say it's my reality. For me, it has already been manifested. See, you're reading, aren't you? So I'm right! I know you. For those in the room, it's the future. This is my reality - a multidimensional reality that you do not share. Therefore, I am able to give some predictions, not of empirical fact, but of potential reality, because I know what you're thinking and what you might do.
Here are questions asked from the general public, and not necessarily from Lightworkers or old souls. A week or so ago, I gave a channelling called, "The Six Questions." My partner, who is an engineer, recorded it but the machine failed. This frustrated him because he knows how to do these technical things, yet it didn't work. He was puzzled because of it, because he felt he had done a good job in the channelling. Not everything is as it seems; however, and the physics of a recording device is easy to stop. We wanted this channelling instead, and not the one my partner wanted. So this is the one you are reading. The one we wanted.

Question One: Why are we so unhappy?"Kryon, there is unhappiness on this planet. Unhappiness begets unhappiness. People are walking around frustrated. It doesn't look like an improving planet when there's so much suffering. You talk to those who have lost their homes in this country, and you talk to those who have lost relatives in a tsunami. They are wringing their hands, asking what's wrong. Why is there so much unhappiness? How can this represent good news on the planet?"This is such a difficult answer to give, because it requires that you understand different paradigms of reality that are beginning to occur. The paradigm of the reality that you've always known, which we will call the 3D paradigm, is so shallow it will not, absolutely not, allow for the joy that a multidimensional reality can give. This is difficult to explain. You are sitting in black and white, but the earth is in color.

The love of God does not center itself in 3D. The love of God centers itself in a multidimensional space where the angels live. Every single master knows this. Every single Human who has seen an angel come to them knows that the energy spins through the wall and is an iridescent color. There's no skin and wings and halo, and this energy is often frightening to a three-dimensional Human to see a multidimensional form, so Humans often fall on their knees in fear.

So no matter if it was Mohammad in the cave or Moses and the burning bush, these angelic properties are not in 3D and neither is the divinity within you. Do you want happiness, Human? You'd better find the multidimensional God inside. The paradigm is shifting. It's multidimensional, not single dimensional. You've got to start moving from that paradigm, which restricts everything you do to a reality of sameness and singularity, to one that opens the potentials of change for everything. The potentials can change your life, how you react to things, who you think you are, and who you were born to be. All of this information is rewriteable in your soul energy into a paradigm that is multidimensional and that includes the love of God and the joy of the moment.

What am I saying to you? I am saying that you're going to remain unhappy, dear one, whoever you are reading this and hearing this, unless you decide to turn inward and find that which is divine. This requires new thinking out of the intellectual 3D box. It requires thinking multidimensionally and starting the process we've talked about over and over. Otherwise, you'll simply wallow in the drama of the turmoil around you.

The masters of the planet showed this to you. They toyed with physics and life. They even raised the dead. Then they would turn to you and say, "This is what God does, and you are God." They told you that you could move mountains, and you can. We've talked about the change of consciousness, changing a planet from one that always warred with itself to one that will eventually be at peace with itself.

Do you think that's going to happen easily and overnight? This is the first year (2012) and you've got 18 more years to plant the seeds and two more generations to watch it work. This is how human consciousness works. It's slow, but you're impatient. That's also why there's so much unhappiness at the moment. It's old energy impatience, misunderstanding, wanting instant gratification, and tapping your toe while you think God is going to help you. Then when it doesn't happen the way you think it should, you say, "Well, I knew it wouldn't."So tell me, is this commitment or is this just wishful thinking? Is this communication too strong for you? It's in love that I say to you that you are beautiful inside and it's about time you found out about it. And when you find it, things change within you. You don't get as angry; you don't get as depressed, and you don't react as much. Then when people around you see you in that new state, they say, "You know, you're different. You're not as angry. You don't react. What did you find? I want it." And that's how it begins.

When you shine a light of wisdom and compassion, others see it and they want their own, because it is beautiful, peaceful and satisfying. We ask you again: When you walked with the masters, any of them, how did you feel? Did the masters look at you and annihilate you? Did they say bad things to you or make you feel small? The answer is no. They looked at you, loved you, and you were speechless. Some of you were there and you remember. All you wanted to do was to be in their presence, at their feet. It's almost like they had a field around them and if you could be close to them, you would receive it, too. This is the love of God in a Human that emanates divinity, planting the seeds of ascension.

So the answer is perception of reality. When the masters walked the earth, it was even darker. But they saw only the love of God. So it is your free choice to be unhappy, be a victim, and wallow in drama. But the truth is that the compassion of God is all around you, just waiting for you to discover it.  That was question number one.

Question Two: What happens when you die?This is so complicated, but I'm going to divide it into two parts, both spiritual. The death of a Human, which all of you in the room have experienced, is not the end. This is intuitive within you, because you've gone through it before. But the truth of it hides just under the surface. You're not really quite sure what will happen to you, but your intuition tells you it's not the end.

There is no sting in death. Not for you. But for the ones around you, there is. So the first thing I want to tell you about death is that those around you often suffer. Sometimes that is appropriate, for it brings them to their knees, especially when you leave too soon. Sometimes, because of that, they will discover what is inside of them, incredible spiritual solace, and then realize that your death was the catalyst for their enlightenment. Do you understand that process? Sometimes you are partners in this, with agreements in advance for potentials to help each other even through Human death. So it's not something to mourn at all. Often, it's the completion of a beautiful arrangement.

What happens when you die physically? That's easy - you return to the dust of the planet. What more do you want to know? Corporeal? Easy. That's just part of the Gaia process. But let me tell you about the moment of transition. You lose three ounces of something that no one knows about. The three ounces is quantum information. It's the quantum part of your spiritual core, everything that ever was of you, and it doesn't go up, it goes down. It goes back to the Cave of Creation and beyond.

We've told you this before. Part of it also goes to the Crystalline Grid. Some of it even goes to the cetaceans of the earth. There is a system here that allows Gaia to remember your life, and it's stored in the planet. Your spirit comes home, but not your Akashic Record. It stays on the planet because the planet owns it. You have changed the planet by what you've done, but you don't bring it home with you. When you come home, however, we have a party. I've told you that before. Oh, dear one, there's no sting in death. Not your own. You will know it right away, within three days. By then, you are "fully aware" that you're a piece of God. You remember. You hear the music again.

Then soon, you come back here (Earth), and when you do, it's sometimes faster than you've been told, for things are speeding up. Sometimes you come back born into your own family as grandchildren within your same karmic group. That's a process of the Lightworker so that your grandparents can teach you things that only they can teach you.

And when you take your first breath, you pick up something. You pick up all of the soul energy from the Cave of Creation and the Crystalline Grid that you stored there when you left. That is called Akashic inheritance. Artists become artists. Policemen become policemen. It's in your genes. It's in your DNA, who you used to be. Even the proclivities for the things you like and don't like - like food, choices - come in with you from the past Akashic inheritance.

Sometimes the question is asked, "Should I be a vegetarian? What is correct for my body spiritually?"I will tell you what is correct for your body spiritually - the thing that makes sense to you! If you've spent lifetimes in Tibet or India, you're probably craving different foods than that which is in the United States. That's how it works, dear ones. Your body reacts to what it remembers, and if that serves you by not eating meat, then that is what you should do for your health. Do not project it onto your friends, for they have their own Akashic health remembrance. They have their own system that works for them.

Humans love to compartmentalize everything and, therefore, when someone finds something good for them, they wish everybody to do it. Do not criticize others because they don't have your unique remembrance. This also applies to the belief systems of others. The ones who have found God or have found joy in a system that works for them is because they are tuned to it. Perhaps they were the very disciples of the masters! They're tuned to it and they want for everyone what works for them. Much of it has integrity, but it may not be for you.

What happens at death? It's a system - beauty, honor, and you become the piece of God that you know you are. When Elijah ascended, you got to see it through the eyes of Elisha. Elijah turned into a light so bright that Elisha couldn't even look at it. Then it split into parts. Elisha saw the Merkabah, the field around the Human, the chariot that Elijah rode in. He saw it and reported it. What do you think it was? The Human got to see ascension. That's death.

Question Three: Is there life on other planets?Are you kidding? There's life everywhere. Everywhere! Right now, your scientists are searching for microbial life on all the planets and their moons in your solar system, and they will eventually find it. They expect to find it. They will eventually understand that the seeds of life are everywhere.

How much life might there be? How long has it been "out there"? When science starts to realize the scope of how long life has been in your galaxy, they will begin to see something counterintuitive to evolution - their own Human history. How old is your Universe? Ask your scientists and they will say about 13 billion years. That's OK. Let's use their numbers. How old is your own planet - 4 or 5 billion, perhaps? Correct. But how old is humanity? Why weren't you here with the dinosaurs? You think the earth wasn't ready? Do you think that perhaps that which controls evolution was a little too stupid to make a Human sooner, but the process could make a dinosaur? Have you ever thought about these things?

If you put the earth's entire history into a 24-hour clock, life itself only started in the last hour and humanity, all of civilization, happened the last few seconds. Isn't that odd to you? Therefore, in a Universe that may be 13 billion years old, you arrived in the last few seconds. Did you ever think maybe you're the newest ones on the block? Well, you'd be right.

If the Universe is really that old, do you think perhaps there are civilizations in your galaxy that might be a billion or more years older than you? If that's the case, do you think perhaps they have gone through anything you're going through? Do you think any of them might have had your DNA attributes? Perhaps they also went through what you are going through spiritually? Perhaps they even went into a quantum ascension status? The answer is dozens of them.

You already know them and you've listed them in your publications. The ones who directly seeded you are called Pleiadians. The ones who seeded them might be Octurian and the ones who seeded them may be even Orion. They're everywhere, and they're all here as well. They're looking at you, for you are the ones who are next, and you are passing this marker of the shift.

Oh, dear ones, it's going to be a long time before you really know any of these things to be your reality. The first step is peace on Earth. The next is a new kind of Human evolution that is going to increase your DNA efficiency to 100% and you're going to live a long time. Every time I say that, there are Humans in their intellectual mind saying, "Well, there is a geometric birth rate going on. We're not going to make it. It's going to over-crowd and we are going to run out of food. So what you're saying, Kryon, can't be a good thing. We're all going to be suffering and killing each other for food."Let me address this, for if that is your thought, Human, you are assuming Humans are stupid and haven't figured out what's going on and why there's so much birth. You assume they can't control it because they haven't figured it out? I want to tell you, you're going to see something you didn't expect. You're going to see a decline in birth rate because Humans are smart and they're getting smarter. They're going to see that quality of life is linked to the number of children they have, and they're going to figure out the solution. It won't be how many children their church says they should have. They are going to do it intuitively. You're going to see it sooner than not.

You are going to see wisdom on the planet in many areas that no sociologist would ever have predicted. You will surprise them all, and it's going to happen without a government program. It's going to happen because you decide you want it. It's going to happen collectively, and you may even see it soon. Look for negative birth rates in first-world countries. Where Humans are able to see a larger picture and have freedom of information, the situation will not be what you have predicted.

Is there life on other planets? The scientists are saying, "It's going to be a long time before we get to the stars, you know? We have to get in this little metal can and put air in it, and then travel in it for years and years before we ever get to the next star." Meanwhile, a Pleiadian can do it in the blink of an eye! What do you think is going on there? Do you even believe me?

Not long ago, if you wanted to communicate to someone far away, you sent a letter. It was carried by a horse. It took a month to get a response. Now you communicate instantly!  Why is this so unbelievable to you about travel?

I will tell you, as long as you stay in 3D, you'll still be getting in little metal cans and air suits and going to planets. As soon as you begin the quantum age, however, you will simply wish yourself there, because you will be entangled with everything and can go with intent. If you don't believe this now, you will later, for what I give you is true. It may be lifetimes and lifetimes from now, but the group that is before me is the group that is going to come back over and over and over. The difference is that you're done coming back in an old energy. This is a new energy.

When you come back, dear one, everything you know will be in your DNA and be on top [available]. You're not going to have to go through what you did before. As soon as you decide to look around and open the door [metaphor for free choice to awaken], everything you've learned this time around will be right there.

This is the attribute of what you would call "a child of new consciousness," which you have labeled with a color - indigo. The child remembers who they are. They are conceptual, and you believe they have to be taught from scratch! Hardly! They remember! Do you understand what is taking place? We told you this last time, but we want to review something with you: The animal on the prairie drops its calf and within hours, the calf is up, running with the herd. Did you know that the calf instantly knows who its enemies are, what water to drink that doesn't smell right, and what berries to eat that are not poison? Where did that come from? How did that infant animal know these things? The answer is that this information was biologically inherited. You call it instinct. But when you have a Human baby - nothing! It doesn't know anything but that it's hungry. It requires 20 years of teaching! Aren't you tired of that? Did you ever think about why the animals have so much knowledge to begin with and you have so little? Does that seem correct for the top of the evolutionary ladder? It's time for that to change.

You're starting to see it, even with the indigos. They come in knowing. That's why they're so impatient. You're trying to teach them things they already know instinctively. Just like the calf on the prairie, they come in knowing. Some of them try to teach you. That doesn't always go well. That was question three.

Question Four: What about conspiracies?"Kryon, what about all these conspiracies on the planet?" There are all manner of things you've heard about now for decades. I'm not going to name them. I'm going to let you name them in your mind. You've heard these things for a long time: What Humans are doing to Humans, what governments are doing to Humans, the energy that's coming here and there, the mind control, the governmental secret organization - all of these things. "Yes. Kryon, are they correct?"I'm going to give you a litmus test for conspiracies and ask you to decide. After this discussion, many still won't care, for they want to believe they are victims of a greater intelligence and are being watched and manipulated. This is an old energy attribute that is difficult to change in a Human mind. Self-responsibility is like a delete key for conspiracy thought.

What you are seeing today is what I told you about over a decade ago. I said, "There'll come a day when everyone talks to everyone, and there can be no secrets." You're starting to see the fact that there can be no secrets. They're being leaked openly, all the time. So, let's discuss a giant conspiracy, one that has been around for decades. You decide which one. Now, do you think that there can be an organization or government with a large group of people, perhaps involving hundreds or more, that keep this "giant secret"? Here they all are, all winking at each other, saying, "Be sure not to tell anybody about you-know-what." Then this secret would last for decades without ever being revealed? Even on their deathbeds, they're not telling anything? If you do, you are out of touch with reality.

The only thing you're hearing are other Humans telling you it's happening, giving you their testimonies of what they've seen and what they've heard. I want to tell you it doesn't work that way. Not today. People cannot keep a secret. When everyone talks to everyone, you cannot have these kinds of conspiracies on the planet. That's the litmus test. If it's real, then all will know it soon. And yes, there are some conspiracies that are real, and yes, you're going to know about them. In this energy of global communications and social media, no one can keep these kinds of secrets, especially if it takes a lot of people to facilitate them. Do you see what I'm saying?

It's time to use spiritual logic instead of fear. Some people are very attracted to this. They spin in the drama of being the victim of all of this, and they love it. You know who they are. They will perpetuate the same conspiracy for decades and decades, against all logic or the reality of the times.

Question Five: Why don't more people see what you are saying?The fifth question and the last one is, "Dear Kryon, if the New Age information is accurate and true and if these truths are as powerful as you say, why are so few involved? If it's a good thing, then wouldn't a lot more people see it?"You know why? It's because this information goes against current Human reality. Here is an example: Let me take you back a few years in medicine. There was an idea put forward that on your hands there were what I will call little creepy crawlers (that came out of my partner's mind). You couldn't see them, since they were invisible, and they carried disease. So it was put forward that you ought to sterilize everything you could to keep the creepy crawlers from getting onto other people when you touch them and when doctors operate on them - and it was funny! All the biologists and doctors laughed and laughed. Imagine such an idea! Invisible entities that you carry with you!

The word is germs, and then they found them. You can't see them, but they are all over your body. They're in your hair, on your skin, in your mouth! Then science realized what sterilization could do and why some of the things were taking place regarding infections. But this information was not intuitive. In fact, it was funny because it dealt with things you didn't know about and could not see. So where am I going with this? It takes a consciousness of believing something that does not occur intuitively for it to become reality. In fact, it goes against the grain of what you think is real and is laughable in the perspective of ignorance.

The Human is born into a spiritual reality that says they are small and are worth nothing. The paradigm of an old energy says you worship something bigger, since you are small and worthless. If you look around the planet, that is the reality of almost all spiritual belief. You prostrate yourself in front of God, you kneel, you cry, you suffer, you climb steps, you do penance. You're not worthy. That is the energy of humanity. Is it any wonder that humanity is not attracted to something that teaches, "God is inside and you're beautiful and magnificent"? That's why. It's like the creepy crawlers on your hand. It doesn't make sense in the ignorance of the reality of the day. Right now, it's stupid and silly. But that's right now.

Those of you in the room who call yourselves Lightworkers are holding energy for this planet, and you know about the love of God in your life. You've been running against the grain for a long time, because the paradigm of most of humanity is not with you, and it hasn't been with you in the past, but this is changing.

Indeed, this belief system of yours is different, for it has no structure and there are no buildings to report to, nothing to belong to, and there's nothing to pay. It is simply a belief system that is personal and intuitive that says, "God is in me. I am magnificent, and my life changes the planet and what I do will change everything for the next generation." It's slow, dear one, because the energy of the solution of every puzzle you solve is a permanent energy that stays and changes the vibration of the planet. If you're still wallowing in the old puzzles, you haven't solved anything.

Those hearing and reading are part of the shift, for their attention to this very subject is solving puzzles in their lives. If you're sitting here, you're shifting the energy of the planet. Most people don't see reality as you do. They don't see the beauty or the magnificence. They're blind to the idea that a Human is as big as the Creator. There is no spiritual common sense that there may be a system that makes God a partner in your reality.

So this is why I am sitting here at your feet, and why this entourage is in this room holding your hands. It is because we know what you've done. We know where this is going, and the potentials are grand. But it's not going to happen overnight, and there may be some additional wars. There may be sorrow coming and, yes, there could be additional tsunamis and all manner of things as part of the recalibration of a planet that is going through the pains of a shift to a higher dimensional reality. That is what I told you 23 years ago and what I stick to this day. There'll come a time when my partner is gone where you can still hear and read these words. But even as you ponder that, he'll be back doing it again. He knows where he's going, because I've told him.

It's going to take two more full generations before you really notice what the Kryon work is talking about. But when you do, the planet will actually be on the way to having Planetary Peace Day, for the Earth will realize what they've done and celebrate a change of consciousness. There'll even be a flag for it. It's just the beginning.

Blessed is the Human Being who starts to understand and recognize the seemingly impossible - that the old paradigm of war, dissention, hatred, drama and confusion is not going to be the way of humanity forever. As the beauty of the love of God shows itself as a reality within your DNA, consciousness will slowly begin to change and spiritual evolution will begin to grow.

Now, go and do something with this. Live differently because of it. You're the only ones who can, old soul.

And so it is.